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docs: improved aw-server and aw-sync READMEs
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Expand Up @@ -19,13 +19,13 @@ Features missing compared to the Python implementation of aw-server:

Install rust nightly with `rustup`:

rustup default nightly

Build with `cargo`:

cargo build --release

Expand All @@ -36,8 +36,12 @@ Your built executable will be located in `./target/release/aw-server-rust`

If you want to quick-compile for debugging, run cargo run from the project root:

cargo run --bin aw-server

*NOTE:* This will start aw-server-rust in testing mode (on port 5666 instead of port 5600).

### Syncing

For details about aw-sync-rust, see the [README](./aw-sync/ in its subdirectory.
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Expand Up @@ -23,15 +23,15 @@ cargo run --bin aw-server -- --testing --port $PORT --dbpath test-$PORT.sqlite -

You can create some test data by opening `http://localhost:5667/#/stopwatch` and creating a few events.

Then run `cargo run --bin aw-sync-rust` to sync your instance's buckets with the target directory.
Then run `cargo run --bin aw-sync-rust -- --port 5667` to sync your instance's buckets with the target directory.

### Pulling from the sync directory

Now to sync things back from the sync directory onto another instance. First, lets start another instance:

cargo run --bin aw-server -- --testing --port $PORT --dbpath test-$PORT.sqlite --device-id $PORT --no-legacy-import

Now run `aw-sync-rust` again.
Now run `cargo run --bin aw-sync-rust -- --port 5668` to pull buckets from the sync dir (retrieving events from the 5667 instance) and push buckets from the 5668 instance to the sync dir.

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