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Open source time-tracking application with a focus on extensibility and privacy.

Hi there, welcome to the ActivityWatch organization 👋

We're building the world's best free and open-source automated time-tracker.

New here? You are probably looking for the main repository: ActivityWatch/activitywatch


  1. The best free and open-source automated time tracker. Cross-platform, extensible, privacy-focused.

    Python 7.3k 355

  2. aw-server Public

    ActivityWatch server for storage of all your Quantified Self data.

    Python 55 36

  3. aw-webui Public

    Webapp for visualizing and browsing ActivityWatch data, built with Vue.js.

    Vue 72 73

  4. aw-android Public

    ActivityWatch for Android, using aw-server-rust as backend.

    Kotlin 96 19

  5. aw-core Public

    Core library for ActivityWatch

    Python 36 35

  6. aw-client Public

    Client library for ActivityWatch

    Python 27 27



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