Script for Building a Basic Nominatim Server
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This script is for building a basic Nominatim server with OpenStreetMap data.

Only for use on a clean Ubuntu 14!

Before proceeding, see for limitations, etc..

An Ubuntu 16 version has been contributed by @f1ana:

Step 1: Get the script from GitHub

Step 2: Make it executable:

chmod 755

Step 3: Run the script

Script usage:

./ pbf_url

pbf_url: Complete PBF url from GeoFarbrik


Load Delware data:


Welcome Page

Once installation completes, navigate to the IP/nominatim or hostname/nominatim on your server.

You should see a page as below:

installation complete

Loading Additional PBFs, Multiplie PBFs, or Replacing Existing PBFs:

You can use our script via GitHUB script.

Usage is: ./ [PBF_URL1] [PBF_URL2] ...

Enable Automatic Updates

The script creates an updater service. In order to enable updates:

chmod +x /etc/init.d/nominatim_updater


Produced by AcuGIS. We Make GIS Simple

Cited, Inc. Wilmington, Delaware