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BuildReactor Build Status Dependency Status

Developer notifications and dashboard for CI servers

  • Gives you overview of all your builds in one place
  • Supports multiple continuous integration servers
  • Configurable notifications
  • Fullscreen mode let's you setup information radiator for your team within minutes
  • Works on Windows, Mac and Linux


Chrome Web Store

Mozilla Add-ons


Google Plus

Supported services

Below are the supported CI servers.



BuildReactor notifications

Popup and chrome badge

BuildReactor popup

Options page - adding new service

BuildReactor options page

Options page - service settings

BuildReactor options page

Options page - view configuration

BuildReactor view configuration page

Dashboard page

BuildReactor dashboard

Developer setup


  1. Install Node.js to build the extension or use docker image:
  • docker-compose run build-reactor
  1. Go to project directory and run:
  • yarn
  • yarn run dist
  1. Open Chrome Extension manager and Load unpacked extension.. from dist/BuildReactor folder.

Use yarn run auto-dist to continually build whenever some file changes. You will still need to reload the extension in Chrome.

See other scripts useful for development in package.json.


yarn test - run Karma unit tests using PhantomJS

yarn run auto-test - test and watch for changes


Adding new services


This code is distributed under Apache License version 2.0

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