Developer notifications and dashboard (Google Chrome extension)
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Developer notifications and dashboard (Google Chrome extension)

  • Gives you overview of all your builds in one place
  • Supports multiple continuous integration servers
  • Shows only relevant notifications to minimise distractions
  • Fullscreen mode let's you setup information radiator for your team within minutes, not hours or days
  • Works on Windows, Mac and Linux


Chrome Web Store - latest stable version


Google Plus

Supported services

Below are the supported CI servers.



BuildReactor notifications

Popup and chrome badge

BuildReactor popup

Options page - adding new service

BuildReactor options page

Options page - service settings

BuildReactor options page

Options page - view configuration

BuildReactor view configuration page

Dashboard page

BuildReactor dashboard

Developer setup


  1. Install Node.js to build the extension.
  2. Go to project directory and run:
    • npm install
    • npm run dist
  3. Open Chrome Extension manager and Load unpacked extension.. from dist/BuildReactor folder.

Use npm run auto-dist to continually build whenever some file changes. You will still need to reload the extension in Chrome.

See other scripts useful for development in package.json.


npm test - run Karma unit tests using PhantomJS npm run auto-test test and watch for changes

Once running you can also open localhost:9876/base/options.html or any other HTML file in the browser to test using sample data. This does not require you to load as Chrome Extension.


This code is distributed under Apache License version 2.0

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