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Welcome to the Minigames Wiki! The home of everything to do with Minigames. This wiki is still under construction, and is in need of expanding.

Minigames was created for players to play games within a server and win prizes for completion, also to let players play PvP games without the risk of losing their hard earned items and XP. Minigames also rewards players for completing each Minigame, or with PvP Minigames, the player can be rewarded with 'bets' that players make before they start the Minigame. These bets can be in Economy money or preset items.

These Minigames can be created in any style the player wishes, for example, parkour jump puzzles, mazes and treasure hunts. As well as PvP games like CTF, races and more. You are given a lot of options to add to each Minigame individually, so they are all completely customisable. | |

The Basics
Minigame Types Minigame Tool Score Types
Minigame Signs Commands Permissions
Menu System Minigame Regeneration Minigame Modules
Introduction to Creating Minigames Infection Tutorial
Race Tutorial Treasure Hunt Tutorial
Regions and Nodes Tutorial
Updating to 1.13

It is highly likely some games will need fixing after updating.

  1. Ensure all your games are fully restored before shutting down. Backup data will not work properly. Make config backups.

  2. SwapBlockActions and SetBlockActions will require updating after the restore if they used special data.

Useful Links

Source code is Available on GitHub

Development Builds

Development builds can be found on the AddstarMC Dev Build Server

Release Page

SpigotMC Project Page: Bukkit link: (no longer maintained) The original developer of the Minigames plugin is _Razz_ and is now maintained by AddstarMC

Download Info

Releases on GitHub: Minigames 1.12 Versions on Spigot: Minigames 1.12

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