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AdGuard for Android


  • AdGuard for Android is not an open source project. We use GitHub as an open bug tracker for users to see what developers are working on.
  • Privacy policy: (Briefly: AdGuard sends only necessary, limited information, e.g. information required for a license check).

AdGuard is a unique tool that blocks ads in apps and browsers even without ROOT privileges, protects your privacy, and helps you manage your apps. AdGuard gives you options of running it either VPN or HTTP proxy mode and allows to set up custom DNS settings (with DNSCrypt support).

To get more information and to download AdGuard for Android, visit our website

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How to report an issue?

GitHub can be used to report a bug or to submit a feature request. To do so, go to this page and click the New issue button.

Note: for the filter-related issues (missed ads, false positives etc.) use the dedicated repository.

Our plans

To see the 'big picture', to watch current progress and to get an idea of approximate dates for upcoming AdGuard for Android releases, see this page:


  • Latest stable version: 2.12.233
  • Latest beta version: 2.12.223
  • Latest nightly version available here

You can find all AdGuard for Android releases here:

How to become a beta tester?

You can submit an application to participate in AdGuard for Android beta-testing program. All necessary information on this topic can be found on the dedicated page.