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Morphological Analysis - System submission for SIGMORPHON 2019 Task 2.


python 2.7 DynetVersion commit 284838815ece9297a7100cc43035e1ea1b133a5

Data Processing

$DATA_DIR = data directory containing the treebanks obtained from [here](

Data Pre-processing to convert UniMorph data into key, value pairs.

Original format:`4	होते	असणे	_	_	PST;3;MASC;FIN;V;PL	_	_	_	_
python helper_scripts/
    --input $DATA_DIR/UD_Marathi-UFAL \
    --attributes helper_scripts/attributes.txt \
    --train $DATA_DIR/UD_Marathi-UFAL/mr_ufal_um_train.conllu \
    --dev $DATA_DIR/UD_Marathi-UFAL/mr_ufal_um_dev.conllu \
    --test $DATA_DIR/UD_Marathi-UFAL/mr_ufal_um_test.conllu

This will create the following files in the $DATA_DIR/UD_Marathi-UFAL in the following format:

   4	होते	असणे	 V	_	POS=V|Tense=PST|Person=3|Gender=MASC|Finiteness=FIN|Number=PL	_	_	_	_

A set of files with POS in the 4th coloumn and remaining tags in the 6th coloumn in the following format.

   4	होते	असणे	 V	_	Tense=PST|Person=3|Gender=MASC|Finiteness=FIN|Number=PL	_	_	_	_
   Additionally, it will create the following files for training an independent POS tagger which are in the conll format:
   होते	V 


To train the MDCRF model, where we make independent predictions for each feature (POS, Gender, etc) using a hierarchical-neural CRF model.

cd MorphologicalAnalysis/commands 
python \
--model_name marathi_transfer_from_Hindi \
--input_folder $DATA_DIR/  \
--dev_path   $DATA_DIR/UD_Hindi-HDTB/udmap_hi_hdtb-um-dev.conllu \
--test_path    $DATA_DIR/UD_Hindi-HDTB/udmap_hi_hdtb-um-covered-test.conllu \
--multilingual \
--eval_folder ../eval \
--save_to_path ../saved_models/ \
--model_arc char_birnn_attn \
--langs hi_hdtb \
--augVocablang mr_ufal/sa_ufal \
--lang hi_hdtb \
--test_conll \
--gold_file $DATA_DIR/UD_Hindi-HDTB/hi_hdtb-um-dev.conllu \
--gold_test_file $DATA_DIR/UD_Hindi-HDTB/hi_hdtb-um-test.conllu \
--lang_codes ../utils/lang_codes_updated.txt \
--use_langid \
--use_char_attention \
--tot_epochs 100  \

Include language codes which are used during training the model in --langs . If you want a zero-shot transfer, you need to include those target languages in --augVocablang. For instance, in the above case, Hindi is used for training a zero-shot transfer model to be used later for Marathi and Sanskrit. For testing on a language, add the following two arguments and change the test path and re-run the above command.

    --mode test_1 \
    --load_from_path ../saved_models/marathi_transfer_from_Hindi.model \
    --test_path    $DATA_DIR/UD_Marathi-UFAL/udmap_mr_ufal-um-covered-test.conllu \
    --gold_test_file $DATA_DIR/UD_Marathi-UFAL/mr_ufal-um-dev.conllu

If you want to fineTune a transferred model for a target language say Marathi, run the below as a second step. This will load the above model stored in ../saved_models and fine-tune over the target language data.

  python \
--model_name marathi_transfer_from_Hindi_fineTuned \
--input_folder $DATA_DIR/  \
--train_path $DATA_DIR/UD_Marathi-UFAL/udmap_mr_ufal-um-train.conllu \
--dev_path   $DATA_DIR/UD_Marathi-UFAL/udmap_mr_ufal-um-dev.conllu \
--test_path    $DATA_DIR/UD_Marathi-UFAL/udmap_mr_ufal-um-covered-test.conllu \
--multilingual \
--fineTune \
--load_from_path ../saved_models/marathi_transfer_from_Hindi.model \
--eval_folder ../eval \
--save_to_path ../saved_models/ \
--model_arc char_birnn_attn \
--langs hi_hdtb \
--augVocablang mr_ufal/sa_ufal \
--lang mr_ufal \
--test_conll \
--gold_file $DATA_DIR/UD_Marathi-UFAL/mr_ufal-um-dev.conllu \
--gold_test_file $DATA_DIR/UD_Marathi-UFAL/mr_ufal-um-dev.conllu \
--lang_codes ../utils/lang_codes_updated.txt \
--use_langid \
--use_char_attention \
--tot_epochs 100  


If you make use of this software for research purposes, we will appreciate citing the following:

title = "{CMU}-01 at the {SIGMORPHON} 2019 Shared Task on Crosslinguality and Context in Morphology",
author = "Chaudhary, Aditi  and
  Salesky, Elizabeth  and
  Bhat, Gayatri  and
  Mortensen, David R.  and
  Carbonell, Jaime  and
  Tsvetkov, Yulia",
booktitle = "Proceedings of the 16th Workshop on Computational Research in Phonetics, Phonology, and Morphology",
month = aug,
year = "2019",
address = "Florence, Italy",
publisher = "Association for Computational Linguistics",
url = "",
pages = "57--70",
abstract = "This paper presents the submission by the CMU-01 team to the SIGMORPHON 2019 task 2 of Morphological Analysis and Lemmatization in Context. This task requires us to produce the lemma and morpho-syntactic description of each token in a sequence, for 107 treebanks. We approach this task with a hierarchical neural conditional random field (CRF) model which predicts each coarse-grained feature (eg. POS, Case, etc.) independently. However, most treebanks are under-resourced, thus making it challenging to train deep neural models for them. Hence, we propose a multi-lingual transfer training regime where we transfer from multiple related languages that share similar typology.",



For any issues, please feel free to reach out to


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