A theme for Octopress that is simple, focused, and clean. Influenced by the clean style of Medium and FoxSlide
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Live theme preview available at AdrianArtiles.com.

This is a theme for Octopress. Inspired by Medium and FoxSlide and leveraging the latest Bootstrap, and is a very clean, focused, and unique theme.


$ cd yourOctopress
$ git submodule add https://github.com/sevenadrian/MediumFox .themes/MediumFox
$ git submodule update --init
$ rake install['MediumFox'] # for zsh, use: rake install\['MediumFox'\] 
$ rake generate

Grab the latest updates

$ cd yourOctopress
$ git submodule update
$ rake generate
# regenerate, make changes, etc...

Alternate Installation Without Git Submodule

$ cd yourOctopress
$ git clone https://github.com/sevenadrian/MediumFox .themes/MediumFox
$ rake install['MediumFox'] # for zsh, use: rake install\['MediumFox'\]
$ rake generate


You can change the main intro hero, the following landing row, and footer in the following locations;
hero: source/_includes/custom/hero.html
landing row: source/_includes/custom/home_landing_row.html
footer: source/_includes/custom/footer.html

You can change the background image used behind the hero by replacing the image in source/images/background.jpg


I highly recommend using excerpts of your posts, this will allow your short excerpt to be used on your index page instead of including the entire post (unless that's what you want).

To create an excerpt for your posts add <!--more--> in the actual markup for your posts. Anything before this tag will be used as the excerpt for said post.

Pull-Requests Welcomed!

This is a first draft and can definitely be improved on. Pull requests are very much welcomed and desired!


This is the theme currently powering the site at AdrianArtiles.com