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  • If an element is parenthesised (e.g. (a,)), then it is optional and needs not to exist on the stack in order for the command to execute. It might have different uses depending on whether the argument is present or not, but that is clarified for each command which acts like this.

  • If a command is marked with (Get x), then the command is executed without popping x from the stack.


Command Elements Popped Description
ǝ a,b,c Replace the element of a at index c with b
ʒ a Filter a. Keep the elements where the result of the code is 1. Usage: ʒ CODE }
α a,b Absolute difference of a and b
β a,b Convert a from base b (arbitrary)
γ a Split a into chunks of equal adjacent elements.
δ a,b Outer Product. Get the next command and apply it double-vectorized.
ε a Map. Apply a piece of code to each element of a. Usage: ε CODE }
Δ a Fixed-point. Repeatedly apply CODE on a until doesn't change. Usage: Δ CODE }
ζ a,(b) Zip a with filler b (standardized to space)
η a Prefixes of a
и a,b Repeat list a b times (n-repeat)
θ a Last element. Push a[-1]
в a,b Convert a to base b (arbitrary)
м a,b Remove the elements that also occur in b from a (vectorizes)
н a First element. Push a[0]
Θ a 05AB1E truthified a (a == 1)
Σ a Sort a by the result of CODE. Usage: Σ CODE }
Ω a Random choice. Push a random element of a
a 05AB1E falsified a (a != 1)
a Vertically mirror a
a,b Extend / shorten a to length b
a Infinite list of positive integers ([1, 2, …, ∞])
! a, Factorial of a
# a Break if the top of the stack is truthy (used in infinite loops)
# a If a contains spaces, split by spaces.
% a,b Modulo. Push a % b
& a,b Bitwise AND. Push a & b
( a Negative. Push -a
* a,b Multiplication. Push a * b
+ a,b Addition. Push a + b
, a Print a
- a,b Subtraction. Push a - b
/ a,b Division. Push a / b
÷ a,b Integer division. Push a // b
: a,b,c Infinite replacement. Push a.replace(b, c)
; a Halve. Push a / 2
< a Decrement. Push a - 1
> a Increment. Push a + 1
? a Print a, without a newline
= - Print last item
@ a,b Greater than or equal to. Push a >= b
A - Lowercase alphabet. Push 'abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz'
B a,b Base Conversion. Push base(a, b)
C a Convert from binary to integer. Push int(a, 2)
D a Duplicate. Push a, a
E a For-loop in [1 .. a], variable N (for N in range(1, a + 1)). Usage: E CODE }
F a For-loop in [0 .. a), variable N (for N in range(0, a)). Usage: F CODE }
G a For-loop in [1 .. a), variable N (for N in range(1, a)). Usage: G CODE }
ƒ a For-loop in [0 .. a], variable N (for N in range(0, a + 1)). Usage: ƒ CODE }
H a Convert a from hexadecimal to integer. Push int(a, 16)
I - Push the input
J a Join (''.join(a)) if a is list, else join the stack (''.join(stack))
K a,b Push a without b's
L a Inclusive range. Push [1 .. a]
M - Largest number on the stack
N - Reserved for variables
O a Sum a if a is list, else sum the stack
P a Product of a if a is list, else product of the stack
Q a,b Equals? Push a == b (bool)
R a Reverse. Push a reversed (a[::-1])
S a Cast a to a list of characters / digits.
T - Push 10
U a Assign X to a
V a Assign Y to a
W - Minimum. Push min(a) without popping
X - Integer variable
Y - Integer variable
Z - Maximum. Push max(a) without popping
^ a,b Bitwise XOR. Push a ^ b
_ a Negative bool. Push 1 is a is 0, else 0 (vectorizes for lists, returns 0 for strings)
` a Dump. Push all contents of a onto the stack
a a Alphabetic? Push is_alpha(a)
b a Convert a to binary
c a,b Number of combinations. Push a nCr b
d a 1 if a is a non-negative number (a >= 0), 0 otherwise
e a,b Number of permutations; push a nPr b
f a List of prime factors of a without counting multiplicities
g a Length of a
h a Convert a to hexadecimal. Push hex(a)
i a If statement (if true { then }). Usage: CONDITION i CODE }
j a,b Join, padding each to length b. Same as J, with each element right justified to a minimum length of b
k a,b Index of b in a (0-indexed, -1 when not found)
l a Lowercase. Push lower_case(a)
m a,b Exponentiation. Push a ** b
n a Square a. Push a ** 2
o a Raise 2 to the ath power. Push 2 ** a
p a Primality checking. Push isPrime(a)
q - Terminates the program
r - Reverse stack
s a,b Swap. Push b, a
t a Square root. Push sqrt(a)
u a Uppercase. Push upper_case(a)
v a Enumerated map (range loop), variable y, index N (for y in a)
x a a and itself doubled. Push a, 2a
y - Push string variable (used in mapping loops)
z a Inverse. Push 1 / a
} - Close a single if statement, loop, etc.
] - Close all loops and if statements
{ a Sort a. Push sorted(a)
~ a,b Logical OR. Push a or b
Λ a,b,c Store a canvas with {a: num, b: filler, c: pattern} (todo: docs)
a,b Pair. Push [a, b]
a,b Push a with b filtered to the front
a,b,c Transliterate. Push a.transliterate(b -> c)
ˆ a Add to global array
ι (a),b Uninterleave. Push [a[0::b], a[1::b], ..., a[(b - 1)::b]]
a,b Divmod. Pair the integer part and the remainder of the division of a and b. Push a divmod b
Š a,b,c Triple swap. Push c, a, b
Πa Sublists / Substrings. Push substrings(a)
Ć a Enclose a, append its head to itself. Push a + a[0]
ƶ a Lift a, multiplying each element by its (1-based) index
Ā a Truthify a (Python-style boolean)
a If the top of the stack is 1, print the iteration index (if 1, print N, used in loops)
a If the top of the stack is 1, print the current element (if 1, print y, used in loops)
˜ a Deep flatten a
a Title capitalisation. Push title_cased(a)
š a Prepend b to a as a list.
a,b Greater than. push a > b
a,b Less than. Push a < b
œ a Permutations. Push permutations(a)
ć a Head extract a. Push a[1:], a[0]
Ÿ (a,)b Inclusive binary range; push [a .. b] if b is not a list, else push [b[0],...,b[1],...,b[n]]
ā - Length range (Get a). Push range(1, len(a) + 1)
¡ a,b Split a on b. Push a.split(b)
¢ a,b Count the occurrences of b in a. Push a.count(b)
£ a,b Head. Push a[0:b]
¥ a Deltas of a
¦ a Tail (remove the first element). Push a[1:]
§ a Cast to string. Push str(a)
¨ a Pop, remove the last element of a. Push a[0:-1]
ª a,b Append b to a as a list
« a,b Merge / Concatenate. Push merged(a,b) if both are lists, else push concatenated(a, b)
λ (a) Recursive list generation with base case(s) a (a defaults to 1). Usage: λ<flag?> CODE } --> f(n) = CODE
° a Raise 10 to the ath power. Push 10 ** a
± a Bitwise not (complement). Push ~a
µ a while counter_variable != a, do... (used to find the nth number which satisfies a condition)
· a Double. Push 2 * a
¸ a Wrap / Listify. Push [a]
» (a) if (a) is a list, join it by newlines, else join stack by newlines
¿ (a,)b Greatest common divisor. Push gcd(b) if b is list, else push gcd([b, a])
À a Rotate a 1 unit left
Á a Rotate a 1 unit right
 a Bifurcated a. Push a, reversed(a)
à a,b Keep all elements of a that also occur in b (list intersection). Push a.keep(b)
Ä a Absolute value. Push abs(a)
Æ a Reduce a by subtraction
Ç a Ord. Push the ASCII value of a
È a Even? Push a % 2 == 0
É a Odd? Push a % 2 == 1
Ê a,b Not equals? Push a != b
Ë a 1 if all elements are equal, 0 otherwise
Ì a Add 2 to a. Push a + 2
Í a Subtract 2 from a. Push a - 2
Ï a,b Elements of a for which the corresponding element of b is 1
Ñ a Divisors. Push divisors(a)
Ò a List of prime factors of a, counting multiplicities.
Ó a List of exponents of a's prime factorization (2^a, 3^b, 5^c, 7^d, etc.)
Ô a Connected uniquified a
Õ a Totient. Push euler_totient(a)
Ö a,b Divisible? Push a % b == 0
× a,b Sequence product. Push a × b (used for strings)
Ø a ath prime (zero-indexed)
Ù a Deduplicate. Push uniquified a
Ú a Reverse uniquified a
Û a,b Left strip. Push a with leading b's trimmed off
Ü a,b Right strip. Push a with trailing b's trimmed off
Ý a Inclusive 0-based range. Push [0 .. a]
Þ a Cycle a. Repeat it indefinitely, yielding an infinite list
ß a Minimum. Extract smallest element of list
à a Maximum. Extract greatest element of list
á a Letters of a
â a,b Cartesian product of a and b
ã (a,)b Cartesian power. Push the cartesian product of b.repeat(2) if b is list, else the cartesian product of a.repeat(b)
ä a,b Slice a into b pieces
å a,b Check if b occurs in a. Push b in a
æ a Powerset. Push powerset(a)
ç a Convert a from an ASCII value to its corresponding character (Chr). Push char a
è a,b Indexing (0-based, modular). Push a[b]
é a Sort a by length
ê a Sorted uniquify. Pushsorted_uniquified(a)
ì a,b Merge b with a if both are lists, else prepend b to a. Push a.prepend(b)
í a Reverse each. Push [reversed(Q) for Q in a] (short for €R)
î a Ceil. Push round_up(a)
ï a Trim decimals. Push int(a)
ò a Round to the nearest integer. Push round_nearest(a) (bankers rounding)
ô a,b Split a in pieces of length b
ö a,b Convert a from base b to integer. Push int(a, b)
õ - Empty string
ø (a,)b Zip. Transpose b if b is list, else interleave a and b (zip(a,b))
ù a,b Keep the elements of a of length b
ú a,b Pad a with b spaces in the front
û a Palindromize. Push palindromized(a) (e.g. 12345 becomes 123454321, a + a[::-1][1:])
ü - Pairwise command (vectorizes if the first element is a list)
ý (a),b Push b.join(a) if a is a list, else b.join(stack)
þ a Digits of a
a,b Check whether a occurs in b. Push a in b (non-vectorized)
.b a Letteriquify a. Push letterified(a)
.B a Squarify a. Push squarified(a)
.c a Left-focused centralize. Push centralized_left(a)
.C a Right-focused centralize. Push centralized_right(a)
.D a,b Push b copies of a if b is an integer, else push len(b) copies
.E a Evaluate. Push eval(a) (does not work in safe mode)
.g - Length of the stack
.i a,b Check whether b occurs in a, used for infinite lists that are guaranteed to be non-decreasing.
.I a,b bth permutation of a
.k a,b Flat index of b in a
.l a Is lowercase? Push is_lower(a)
.L a,b Levenshtein distance. Push levenshtein(a, b)
.M a Mode. Push most frequent element in a
.m a Counter-Mode. Push least frequent element in a
.n a,b Logarithm of a in base b. Push log_b(a)
.o a,b Overlap. Push overlap(b)
.p a Prefixes. Push prefixes(a)
.R a Random element. Push random_pick(a)
.r a Random shuffle. Push random_shuffle(a)
.s a Suffixes. Push suffixes(a)
.S a,b Compare. Push 1 if a > b, -1 if a < b, 0 if a equals b
.u a Is uppercase? Push is_upper(a)
.V a Run as 05AB1E code
.w a Data read from the URL a
.W a Wait a milliseconds
.x a,b Closest. Push the element in a closest to b (either absolute difference or string distance)
.$ a,b Drop b elements from a (a[b:])
._ a,b Rotate a b units to the left
.: a,b,c Replace all. Push a.replace(b, c)
.; a,b,c Replace first. Push a.replace_first(b, c)
a Sign. Push -1 if a < 0, 1 if a > 0, 0 otherwise.
a Sentence capitalisation. Push sentence_cased(a)
a Split a by function result. Usage: .¡ CODE }
a Logarithm with base 2. Push log_2(a)
a Integer? Push is_int(a)
.¿ (a,)b Least common multiple (lcm / hcf). Push lcm(b) if b is list, else push lcm(b, a)
a Compute permutations by function result. Usage: .æ CODE }
a Group a by function result. Usage: .γ CODE }
a,b Surround a with b
a Right Reduce (foldr). Folds a dyadic command between each element in a list from right to left
a Left Reduce (foldl). Folds a dyadic command between each element in a list from right to left with opposite right / left operands
a Sine. Push sin(a)
a Cosine. Push cos(a)
a Tangent. Push tan(a)
a Cycle the last element, yielding an infinite list.
a,b Count the occurrences of b in a without vectorizing.
a,b Interleave a and b
a Swap / Switch capitalisation. Push switch_cased(a)
a Find the first element of a that results in 1 when ran through CODE. Usage: .Δ CODE }
a Cumulative fixed-point. Apply CODE to the current value until the result no longer changes, collecting all intermediate results. Usage: .Γ CODE }
a Enumerate a. Push enumerated(a)
- Rotate stack 1 left
- Rotate stack 1 right
.• - Decompress a base 255 alphabet based string
a Undelta. Push the cumulative sum of a, with a zero prepended
a Intersected mirror
.∊ a Intersected vertical mirror
a,b All b-element combinations of a
a,b Intersperse a with b (e.g. [1, 2, 3] 0 .ý --> [1, 0, 2, 0, 3])
a,b,c Store a canvas with {a: num, b: filler, c: pattern} and push the string to the stack
a 0-based index of the greatest prime less than or equal to a
a,b Round a with b digits precision (bankers rounding)
a,b Partitions of a containing b elements. All possible ways to divide a into b pieces
a Partiton a
a,b Drop b elements from the end of a. Push a[:-b]
т - Push 100
- Push 256. In a recursive environment, push a(n - 1) instead.
- Push 26. In a recursive environment, push a(n - 2) instead.
- Push 95. In a recursive environment, push a(n - 3) instead.
- Push 1000. In a recursive environment, push a(n - 4) instead.
- Push 255. In a recursive environment, pop x and push a(x) instead.
- Push 36. In a recursive environment, pop x and push a(n - x) instead.
" - Start / End string literal
$ - Push 1 and input (used for sequences)
' - Character literal (e.g. 'a pushes "a")
) - Wrap total stack to an array
. - Two char functions
0 - Numeric literal
1 - Numeric literal
2 - Numeric literal
3 - Numeric literal
4 - Numeric literal
5 - Numeric literal
6 - Numeric literal
7 - Numeric literal
8 - Numeric literal
9 - Numeric literal
[ - Start an infinite loop
\ - Delete last item
] - End infinite loop
| - Place the rest of the input in an array until an empty newline or EOF is found.
} - Used to close if statements, loops, etc.
Ƶ - Convert the next char from base 255 to base 10 and add 101
- Single-function map. Apply the next command to each element in the list.
- 2-char string / can also be used for 2 compressed strings
- 3-char string / can also be used for 3 compressed strings
Ž - Two-character compressed string
- For compressed strings (upper)
- For compressed strings (no implicit space)
- For compressed strings (normal)
- For compressed strings (title)
- Start / End a 1-9 char compressed string
¤ - Tail (Get a). Push tail(a)
© - Store a in register_c without popping
¬ - Head (Get a). Push head(a)
® - Push the last item from register_c
¯ - Global array
² - Second item from the input history
³ - Third item from the input history
´ - Clear global array
- Newline character (\n)
¹ - Push the first item from the input history
º - Mirror.
¼ - Increment counter variable. counter_variable += 1
½ a, if a is 1, then increment the counter variable
¾ - Counter variable
Å - Extended math and list commands
Î - Push 0 and input
Ð - Triplicate top of stack (pop a, push a, push a, push a)
ë - Else statement
ð - Push a space character
ÿ - Used for string interpolation, pop a and replace ÿ with str(a)

Å - Commands (Extended Commands)

Command Elements Popped Description
Å! a Produces a list of all factorials lower or equal than a
Å0 a Produces a list of 0's with length a
Å1 a Produces a list of 1's with length a
Å2 a Produces a list of 2's with length a
Å3 a Produces a list of 3's with length a
Å4 a Produces a list of 4's with length a
Å5 a Produces a list of 5's with length a
Å6 a Produces a list of 6's with length a
Å7 a Produces a list of 7's with length a
Å8 a Produces a list of 8's with length a
Å9 a Produces a list of 9's with length a
Å? a,b Check if a starts with b
Å¿ a,b Check if a ends with b
Å= a Deck shuffle a (e.g. [1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7] --> [1, 5, 2, 6, 3, 7, 4])
Å≠ a Deck unshuffle a (e.g. [1, 5, 2, 6, 3, 7, 4] --> [1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7])
Åγ a Run-length encode a
ÅΓ a,b Run-length decode a with b (pushes the elements and the chunk lengths separately)
Å\ a Produces the main diagonal (left) of a matrix a
Å/ a Produces the anti-diagonal (right) of a matrix a
Å| a Produces the columns of a matrix a
ÅΔ a Computes the index of the first element of a for which CODE returns 1. Usage: ÅΔ CODE }
ÅA a Computes the arithmetic mean of a
ÅF a Computes a list of all Fibonacci numbers lower or equal to a
ÅG a Computes a list of all Lucas numbers lower or equal to a
ÅL a,b Limit by, return a if a < b else b
ÅM a Previous prime. Highest prime less than a
ÅN a Next prime. Lowest prime greater than a
Ån a Nearest prime. In case of a tie, the higher prime is pushed
ÅP a Computes a list of all prime numbers lower or equal to a
ÅT a Computes a list of all triangular numbers lower or equal to a
Å€ a,b Apply CODE to every bth element of a. Usage: Åe CODE }
ÅU a,b Computes the ath b-gonal number
Åf a Computes the ath Fibonacci term
Åg a Computes the ath Lucas term
Åm a Median. Sorts the list, then returns either the middle element or the average of the middle elements depending on the parity of the length of the list.
Ås a Middle. Push the middle element / character of a
Åp a Produces a list of the first a primes
Ål a Produces the lower triangular matrix of a
Åu a Produces the upper triangular matrix of a
Ŝ a Integer partitions of a (all possible combinations of positive integers that sum to a)
Åβ a,b Push a converted from custom base b
Åв a,b Push a converted to custom base b
Ų a Check whether a is a square number
Å» a Cumulative reduce left. Usage: Å» CODE }
Å« a Cumulative reduce right. Usage: Å« CODE }
ÅÈ a Produces a list of all non-negative even numbers lower or equal to a
ÅÉ a Produces a list of all non-negative odd numbers lower or equal to a

ž - Commands (Constants)

Command Description
ža Push current hours
žb Push current minutes
žc Push current seconds
žd Push current microseconds
že Push current day
žf Push current month
žg Push current year
žh Push [0-9]
ži Push [a-zA-Z]
žj Push [a-zA-Z0-9_]
žk Push [z-aZ-A]
žl Push [z-aZ-A9-0_]
žm Push [9-0]
žn Push [A-Za-z]
žo Push [Z-Az-a]
žp Push [Z-A]
žq Push pi
žr Push e
žs Decimal expansion of pi (infinite list)
žt Decimal expansion of e (infinite list)
žu Push ()<>[]{}
žv Push 16
žw Push 32
žx Push 64
žy Push 128
žz Push 256
žA Push 512
žB Push 1024
žC Push 2048
žD Push 4096
žE Push 8192
žF Push 16384
žG Push 32768
žH Push 65536
žI Push 2147483648
žJ Push 4294967296
žK Push [a-zA-Z0-9]
žL Push [z-aZ-A9-0]
žM Vowels. Push "aeiou"
žN Consonants. Push "bcdfghjklmnpqrstvwxyz"
žO Vowels including y. Push "aeiouy"
žP Push "bcdfghjklmnpqrstvwxz"
žQ Push printable ASCII character set (32-128)
žR Push "ABC"
žS Push qwertyuiop
žT Push asdfghjkl
žU Push zxcvbnm
žV Push ["qwertyuiop", "asdfghjkl", "zxcvbnm"]
žW Push qwertyuiopasdfghjklzxcvbnm
žX Push "http://"
žY Push "https://"
žZ Push "http://www."
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