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Queue Profiling

Provides a ProfilingConsumer and set of handler decorators that can profile messages once or while the queue is running via SIGUSR1 (or other) posix signals.


Pick an appropriate handler for your setup.

  • PMG\Queue\Handler\BlackfireProfilingHandler - Profile with

All profiling handlers are decorators, so you'll create a real message handler and decorate it with the profiling handler.

use PMG\Queue\Message;
use PMG\Queue\ProfilingConsumer;
use PMG\Queue\Handler\CallableHandler;
use PMG\Queue\Handler\BlackfireProfilingHandler;

$realHandler = new CallableHandler(function (Message $message) {
    // do stuff

$profilingHandler = BlackfireProfilingHandler::createDefault($realHandler);

If you plan on forking new processes to handle messages with PcntlForkingHandler, decorate the profiling handler with it.

use PMG\Queue\Handler\PcntlForkingHandler;

$forkingHandler = new PcntlForkingHandler($profilingHandler);

Instantiate a Consumer Like Normal

use PMG\Queue\ProfilingConsumer

$consumer = new ProfilingConsumer($driver, $profilingHandler);

Enable or Disable Profiling or Let the Signal Handlers Take Care of It

// let the signal handler do their thing(s)

// or enable/disable profiling manually

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