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This is a *very* simple wrapper to allow use of [sops]( encoded secrets within [kustomize](
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This is a very simple wrapper to allow use of sops encoded secrets within kustomize.

It assumes that there exists a single secrets.enc.yaml file, and in it there is a 1-deep YAML representation of SECRET: VALUE.

Assume you had a raw secrets as secrets.yaml:

CAT: ferocious
DOG: tame

You would then encrypt it something like:

sops --encrypt --gcp-kms projects/MYPROJECT/locations/global/keyRings/sops/cryptoKeys/sops-key secrets.yaml > secrets.enc.yaml

You would use a kustomization.yaml file as:

apiVersion: kustomize-sops/v1
kind: SopsSecret
name: my-secret
namespace: bar
source: secrets.enc.yaml
  name: not-used
  - CAT

If keys is empty (e.g. keys: []), then all keys are imported.

And then running kustomize build --enable_alpha_plugins . would yield:

apiVersion: v1
  CAT: ZmVyb2Npb3Vz
kind: Secret
  name: my-secret-hkbkhc8h2b
  namespace: bar
type: Opaque

You may wish to try: type: if using a docker config.

More information is in the blog post.

Install Pre-requisites

Build & Install plugin

This is a bit complex since Go plugins are unbelievably brittle, all packages in both sides must be identical. Effectively they must be built in the same tree at the same time.

You can run make, or, paste below.

export GO111MODULE=on
mkdir -p
git clone
#(cd; git checkout af67c893d87c)

mkdir -p ~/.config/kustomize/plugin/kustomize-sops/v1/sopssecret
ln -s $PWD/SopsSecret.go $PWD/
(cd; go build -buildmode plugin -o ~/.config/kustomize/plugin/kustomize-sops/v1/sopssecret/ plugin/SopsSecret.go)
(cd; go build  -o ~/bin/kustomize cmd/kustomize/main.go) 


kustomize build --enable_alpha_plugins .

Setup encrypted secrets

gcloud auth application-default login
gcloud kms keyrings create sops --location global
gcloud kms keys create sops-key --location global --keyring sops --purpose encryption
gcloud kms keys list --location global --keyring sops
# NAME                                                                      PURPOSE          LABELS  PRIMARY_ID  PRIMARY_STATE
# projects/MYPROJECT/locations/global/keyRings/sops/cryptoKeys/sops-key  ENCRYPT_DECRYPT          1           ENABLED

sops --encrypt --gcp-kms projects/MYPROJECT/locations/global/keyRings/sops/cryptoKeys/sops-key secrets.yaml > secrets.enc.yaml


The interface in kustomize for plugins is extremely brittle. They effectively don't work unless compiled at the same time as kustomize.

The patch... see

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