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Aidos Kuneen

Aidos Kuneen is a cryptocurrency without fees that covers the aspects of privacy, decentralization and scalability, while operating on a directed-acyclic-graph.

Popular repositories

  1. Aidos Kuneen Desktop wallet for ( Windows - Mac - Linux)

    JavaScript 17 16

  2. cuckoo Public

    Proof of Work by Cuckoo Cycle in Go

    Go 17 10

  3. Aidos Kuneen Full Node

    Java 12 5

  4. ADK whitepaper (WIP)

    TeX 6 1

  5. aidosd Public

    Aidos Kuneen daemon program that is controlled through the command line and remotely via RPC calls

    JavaScript 4 5

  6. numcpu Public

    runtime.NumCPU() for android

    Go 4 2


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