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AV Phone

An android application to monitor phone state and send it periodically to AirVantage platform.

Official application is available on Play Store

Code is published here only as an example of how to use AirVantage APIs from an Android Application.

Tested with Android 4.4.2


### Configuration

You need to edit mainActivity/build/intermediates/assets/debug/ to specify Airvantage API clients on NA and EU instances.

If API clients are missing, login pages will display an error page:

Something went wrong

Configure custom server

Button appears as soon as clientid.custom is defined.

Define clientid.custom in mainActivity/src/main/assets/
clientid.custom=IF_YOU_NEED # <= Here

Define pref_server_custom_value in mainActivity/src/main/res/values/strings.xml. It has to be accessible from https://.

<string name="pref_server_custom">Custom</string>
<!-- Change following -->
<string name="pref_server_custom_value"></string>


When checking out, code will probably not compile because of Crashlytics, install Crashlytics Android Studio plugin.

mainActivity/src/main/assets/ must not be stored, it's listed in .gitignore.


Publish a new version

  1. Increase version number in:

    • mainActivity/build.gradle
    • mainActivity/src/main/AndroidManifest.xml
  2. Using Build > Generate Signed APK...

    1. Use airvantagekeystore.jks, stored in AWS as Key store path.
    2. You'll find it's password in file stored in the same folder
    3. Select the only proposed key alias
    4. Enter the same password as for the key store
    5. Hit Next
    6. Select destination folder
    7. Select release build type
    8. Hit Finish
  3. Go to Developer Console/APK section

  4. Hit the Upload new APK to production button and follow instructions

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