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Akihabara is a set of libraries, tools and presets to create pixelated indie-style 8/16-bit era games in Javascript that runs in your browser without any Flash plugin, making use of a small small small subset of the HTML5 features, that are actually available on many modern browsers.

Notes about audio features

  • Audio compatibility is Work in progress
  • Firefox stable has little audio caching problem/slowdowns and sometime freezes - can't figure out if is plugin's fault. Seems fixed on nightly builds. Audio is not marked as experimental.
  • For compatibility with Safari, every audio file used for games MUST be more than 1.5 seconds long. Add silence to reach the 1.5secs length.
  • Safari is having troubles on downloading audio for unknown reasons. Seems fixed on nightly builds. For now AUDIO IS EXPERIMENTAL.

Notes for developers

  • For maximum compatibility make sure that you're using the ["name"] for when setting object properties with reserved names like "goto" and "data" (Discovered during patching for Wii)
  • Also do not use the comma after the last element of an array or a property of an object. Still work on many browsers but is broken for Opera Wii. (and probably IE, when will be supported)
  • For making sure that your sub-scripts are loaded, try to add an "alert" at the end. Opera for Wii silently fail when there are syntax errors like the one explained before.
  • Opera Wii wants that canvas have to be blitted at least once before being used - or fails with a browser crash! The built-in gbox.createCanvas was already fixed. Is a good thing to use that method for spawning canvas.

Running tests

Just run the runner.html on test directory.

Generating Documentation

Just run make doc command. The documentation will be generated on the doc directory.

Mailing List


  • For more informations follow our Wiki

Legal informations

The initial akihabara code was made by Fracesco Cottone (http://kesiev.com) as an open source project dual licensed by MIT and GPL.

Special Thanks

These guys deserves an special thanks:

  • Carlos Benitez form EtnasSoft (http://www.etnassoft.com/) for all patches and helping on Akihabara development.
  • Darren and Darius for the initial not finished documentation and the tutorials, it helped a lot on the for the first version.
  • Rafael Masoni for helping on Akihabara website and game assets.