Innomaps application server component. InnoMaps is a building navigator for Innopolis University. It can help you to determine your location inside the University campus, and learn about the events taking place there.
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Innomaps application server component

/springBootApp - RESTful Web-service

  • /springBootApp/src/main/java/db/ - contains classes that represent database tables

  • /springBootApp/src/main/java/events/ - contains classes for syncrinization of the events from google calendar to the database

  • /springBootApp/src/main/java/mail/ - contains class with method that sends emails

  • /springBootApp/src/main/java/pathfinding/ - contains classes that are used for coordinates graph building, finding shortest path between two coordinates and finding the closest coordinate to the one given

  • /springBootApp/src/main/java/rest/ - main package, contains REST controllers and Application class

  • /springBootApp/src/main/java/xmlToDB/ - classes that are used for transffering coorinates and graph data from xml file to the database

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