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Beatlist is an app to manage playlist and beatmap for the game BeatSaber.
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Beatlist is an app to manage playlist and beatmap for the game BeatSaber.


  • Create, edit, delete playlist.
  • Download beatmap and playlist from the community.
  • Manage your local beatmap library.


  1. Download and execute the latest version.
  2. Insert manually or use the detector to set the installation path of BeatSaber in settings
  3. Scan your songs library in settings through the scan button.
  4. Enjoy !



See for the details of each release.


I'd be more than happy to accept a pull request !

Setting up the development environment

# Clone the project
git clone
cd beatlist

# Install dependencies
npm install

# Run the electron app
npm run electron:serve

It use Vuetify for the UI and Pathify to simplify vuex. If you got any question, feel free to hit me up.


You can reach me through discord: Alaanor#9999


This project is licensed under WTFPL.

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