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MarkdownTOC(Table Of Contents) Plugin for Visual Studio Code.
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Generate TOC (table of contents) of headlines from parsed markdown file.

1. Features

  • Insert header number sections.
  • Auto active plugin on markdown
  • Insert anchor for header <a id="markdown-header" name="header"></a>
  • Linking via anchor tags # A 1#a-1
  • Depth control[1-6] with depthFrom:1 and depthTo:6
  • Enable or disable links with withLinks:true
  • Refresh list on save with updateOnSave:true
  • Use ordered list (1. ..., 2. ...) with orderedList:true
  • Anchor support for (||||

2. Installation

ext install markdown-toc

3. Usage

3.1. Insert TOC

Insert TOC

3.2. Insert Header Number Sections

Tips:Section of header is begin with depthFrom

Insert Header Number Sections

4. Configuration

attributes values defaults
depthFrom uint(1-6) 1
depthTo uint(1-6) 6
insertAnchor bool false
withLinks bool true
orderedList bool false
updateOnSave bool true

4.1. Default Settings

To change the default configuration settings for the Markdown-TOC extension, edit the user or workspace settings as described here. The available settings are as follows:

attributes values defaults
markdown-toc.depthFrom number(1-6) 1
markdown-toc.depthTo number(1-6) 6
markdown-toc.insertAnchor bool false
markdown-toc.withLinks bool true
markdown-toc.orderedList bool false
markdown-toc.updateOnSave bool true
markdown-toc.anchorMode enum

4.2. Unique Settings

If you want to use a unique setting for a file, you can add attributes to <!-- TOC --> , just like:

<!-- TOC depthFrom:2 orderedList:true -->

<!-- /TOC -->

5. Contributors

  • sine sawtooth (Add: Header number section)
  • chriscamicas (Update: Anchor generation)
  • kevindaub (Add : Use workspace settings for tabs and eOL)
  • rovest (Feature: Insert anchor)
  • zhiguang Wang(Fix: Recognised code to header list)
  • jgroom33 (Fix: Codeblock error)
  • satokaz (Fix: Codeblock error)

6. What's New?


7. Question

If you have any question, you can contact with me:

8. License

The package is Open Source Software released under the MIT License. It's developed by AlanWalk.

9. Links

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