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SQL Client built in Vala
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Friendly SQL Client

Build Status

Sequeler is a native Linux SQL client built in Vala and Gtk. It allows you to connect to your local and remote databases, write SQL in a handy text editor with language recognition, and visualize SELECT results in a Gtk.Grid Widget.

Supported Databases

  • PostgreSQL
  • MariaDB/MySQL
  • SQLite

Get it from the elementary OS AppCenter!

Sequeler, is primarily available from the AppCenter of elementary OS. Download it from there!

Get it on AppCenter

Get it from Flathub!

You can get Sequeler form Flathub no matter what distribution you're using. Download it or follow the instructions to install it from here!

Get it from Flathub!

Support the Project

If you like Sequeler and you want to support its development, consider donating via PayPal or pledge on Patreon.

Become a Patron Donate on PayPal

Install it from source

You can install Sequeler by compiling from source, here's the list of dependencies required:

  • gtk+-3.0>=3.9.10
  • granite>=0.5.1
  • glib-2.0
  • gee-0.8
  • gobject-2.0
  • libxml-2.0
  • libgda-5.0
  • gtksourceview-3.0
  • libsecret-1
  • libssh2
  • meson


meson build --prefix=/usr
sudo -C build ninja install

Building development version

The development version allows you to keep the stable version perfectly working while hacking on Sequeler.

meson build --prefix=/usr -Dprofile=development
sudo -C build ninja install

You can run the application from terminal using



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