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Do you have a MPC 2000 XL ?

If no, this software won't be of any help.
If you do have one, you may want to load sounds in a much quicker way, because, you know, loading sounds one by one has never been the easiest way...

How to install it ?

  1. Download AIR. Air is no longer supported by Adobe but you can still download their latest version.
  2. Install AIR on your computer. This is needed to make the app work.
  3. Download the release
  4. Open this release on your computer.

How does it work ?

  1. you open the software
  2. You put all the sounds you want your MPC 2000 XL to read (wav and snd files) directly on a pad, which will ventilate all sounds on pads
  3. you save the file on a SD card or ZIP, or whatever stockage device your MPC 2000 XL will read
  4. You put your SD Card, or ZIP, in the device connected to the MPC 2000 XL
  5. You can now import the sounds from the MPC 2000 XL ALL at once

You can change your disquette reader inside the MPC by a SD card reader, which will save you a ton of time If you don't, you'll have to have a disquette reader connected to your computer.

Important notes for developpers

This is coded in ActionScript 3, with the necessary help of Adobe Animate (formerly Flash).
It needs an AIR Package in order to work, at least version 23.

AIR has been discontinued by Adobe at the end of 2020 So maintaining this software is now impossible.

I made this github repository for people who would like to code it into another language.


I'm not a developper. I made this soft as a challenge, and for sure, it is really badly coded.
I can't guarantee anything for this soft. So use it at your own risks.


Load your sounds with ease into the MPC 2000 XL from Akai



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