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The LaZagne Project !!!


The LaZagne project is an open source application used to retrieve lots of passwords stored on a local computer. Each software stores its passwords using different techniques (plaintext, APIs, custom algorithms, databases, etc.). This tool has been developed for the purpose of finding these passwords for the most commonly-used software.

The LaZagne project

This project has been added to pupy as a post-exploitation module. Python code will be interpreted in memory without touching the disk and it works on Windows and Linux host. The last Linux release is not up to date so I recommend using pupy to use it.


Standalones are now available here:


Requirements are available here:

pip install -r requirement.txt


  • Retrieve version
laZagne.exe --version
  • Launch all modules
laZagne.exe all
  • Launch only a specific module
laZagne.exe browsers
  • Launch only a specific software script
laZagne.exe browsers -firefox
  • Write all passwords found into a file (-oN for Normal txt, -oJ for Json, -oA for All). Note: If you have problems to parse JSON results written as a multi-line strings, check this.
laZagne.exe all -oN
laZagne.exe all -oA -output C:\Users\test\Desktop
  • Get help
laZagne.exe -h
laZagne.exe browsers -h
  • Change verbosity mode (2 different levels)
laZagne.exe all -vv
  • Quiet mode (nothing will be printed on the standard output)
laZagne.exe all -quiet -oA
  • To decrypt domain credentials, it could be done specifying the user windows password. Otherwise it will try all passwords already found as windows passwords.
laZagne.exe all -password ZapataVive

Note: For wifi passwords \ Windows Secrets, launch it with administrator privileges (UAC Authentication / sudo)

Mac OS

Note: In Mac OS System, without the user password it is very difficult to retrieve passwords stored on the computer. So, I recommend using one of these options

  • If you know the user password, add it in the command line
laZagne all --password SuperSecurePassword
  • You could use the interactive mode that will prompt a dialog box to the user until the password will be correct
laZagne all -i

Supported software

Windows Linux Mac
Browser Chrome, firefox, IE, Opera Firefox, Opera Firefox, Chrome
Chats Jitsy, Pigdin, Skype Jitsy, Pigdin
Databases DBVisualizer, Postgresql, Robomongo, Squirrel, SQLdevelopper DBVisualizer, Squirrel, SQLdevelopper
Games GalconFusion, Kalypsomedia, RogueTale, Turba
Git Git for Windows
Mails Outlook, Thunderbird Clawsmail, Thunderbird
Dumps from memory Keepass, Wdigest (mimikatz method) system password
SVN Tortoise
Sysadmin Apache Directory studio, CoreFTP, CyberDuck, fileZilla, FTPNavigator, OpenSSH, OpenVPN, PuttyCMRDPManager, WinSCP, Windows Subsystem for Linux AWS, Docker, Environnement variable, FileZilla, History files, SSH private keys
Wifi Wireless Network Network Manager * CF Keychains
Internal mechanism passwords storage .NET Passport, Generic Network Hashdump (LM/NT), LSA secret GNOME Keyring, Kwallet,hashdump Keychains, hashdump

(*) used by many tools to store passwords: Chrome, Owncloud, Evolution, KMail, etc.

For developers

Please refer to the wiki before opening an issue to understand how to compile the project or to develop a new module.


If you want to support my work doing a donation, I will appreciate a lot:

Special thanks

Alessandro ZANNI