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The project is looking for maintainer

ActiveRecord without CoreData.

Only SQLite.

Only HardCore.

Build status

This repo available on Twitter.


  • ARC support
  • unicode support
  • migrations
  • validations (with custom validator support)
  • transactions
  • support for custom data types
  • relationships (BelongsTo, HasMany, HasManyThrough)
  • sorting
  • filters (where =, !=, IN, NOT IN and else)
  • joins
  • CocoaPods support
  • no more raw sql!!!

You do not need to create tables manually - just describe your ActiveRecord and enjoy!!!

#import <ActiveRecord/ActiveRecord.h>

@interface User : ActiveRecord

@property (nonatomic, retain) NSString *name;


Run tests

iActiveRecord uses Cedar for UnitTests and CocoaPods for dependency management. Follow this steps to run tests

[sudo] gem install cocoapods
pod setup
cd project_dir
pod install
open iActiveRecord.xcworkspace

Then build & run UnitTests target.

Check Wiki to see details!

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