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Official repo for FactoidL, Automated Fact-Checking for the Web.


FactoidL is meant to be an open source, free-to-use codebase to triangulate third-party content with a select group of source databases (e.g., Wikipedia, DBPedia, Encyclopedia Britannica) in order to test the accuracy of the content. Essentially, this is an open source fact-checking algorithm on various platforms (browser extension, mobile apps, web apps). The mission is to make fact-checking open and accessible to all so they can quickly and accurately gauge how truthful the content they are reading is compared to public human knowledge.

⚠️ Disclaimer: This is not (yet) meant to be a full replacement for human-guided fact-checking! ⚠️

How To Use

The easiest way to use FactoidL is to add the extension:

While not all browsers are supported yet, most major browsers have similar extension APIs. Usually you can install unpacked extensions by following a guide like this:

A new GitHub Pages site has been launched here for the time being:

A FactoidL desktop app using Electron has also been created under factoidl-desktop, download the appropriate zip for your platform here and then run the factoidl-desktop file:

(Note: The application files have not been signed yet.)

How To Contribute

You can contact us at the official email:

We'd love to have those interested/experienced in Natural Language Processing (NLP) areas, like semantic search. Currently, we are focused on building a Google Chrome extension, a mobile app (PWA), and an Electron app for desktop.

You can also spread the love on Twitter!


Alexander Kidd (Lead Dev)

Special Thanks To

Privacy Policy

The FactoidL applications (on any platform), is meant to use only the source code included in the corresponding repository. However, it does interact with other websites such as Wikipedia through requests for that content.

FactoidL in its original, unadulterated form, does not currently collect user data; however, if a website that has sensitive data on it is checked, the fact checking algorithm may send part of that data as the query to requested sites such as the Wikipedia lookup.

By using FactoidL, you agree that any content that is fact checked with the FactoidL application(s) is allowed to be transmitted in said manner, in order to fulfill the fact-checking process.


Official Repo for FactoidL, Automated Fact-Checking Web Extension




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