Social Network-style drinking competition framework in Node.js/coffeescript
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Background: I wrote this for the LAL hackathon (

Based on an early version of

Bug: Wrong person just becamse the admin

x Player shows up, we get their name.
x We have a list of player's names.
x Admin can 'start game'
x Players see question of current round
x Players can answer questions
  x Get response "right or wrong"
x Logic for moving to the next round manually
x Logic for moving to the next round when # of qs solved
x Leaderboard/updates
x admin is really admin
x provide half-decent interface (bootstrap?)
x better description of how points work
x Questions in their own file (these are basically burned now)
- correct answer securely hidden
- Convert question to markdown
- timeout for questions (or manual DM override)
- question clock timer
- ability to re-join if dropped and you were around before
- change name to Ballmer Peak reference (Peakathaon? Ballmer Challenge?)
- random drinking events
- for now, kill 'last one to respond' (on dm response)