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Welcome to the Alfresco iOS SDK

The Alfresco iOS SDK includes a set of APIs and samples that allows developers to quickly build Alfresco-enabled applications.

This SDK provides functionality to connect to both on-premise and Cloud-based servers. Alfresco servers of version 3.4.8 and above are supported. To access Alfresco in the cloud, you will need to register for a free developer account.


Full documentation, including getting started instructions can be found on our documentation site

More information about Alfresco's various Mobile offerings is on our website.

A Note About Dependent Frameworks

Alfresco iOS SDK v1.3 contains code that checks for network connectivity. This introduces a dependency on the SystemConfiguration.framework which your own project will need to link to.

The LLVM compiler in Xcode 5 introduces an Auto Linking feature which makes linking system frameworks much simpler: simply search for and change the Enable Modules (C and Objective-C) setting in your project's configuration to YES. This setting is on by default for projects created with Xcode 5, so you may find it is already set.


The master branch is used for development of new features so its stability cannot be guaranteed. The current stable release can be obtained from our developer portal. All previous releases including the latest can also be downloaded from GitHub

Alternatively, use one of the tags to build from source.

Known Issues

Please refer to the MOBSDK project with JIRA for all open issues relating to the SDK. This is also where bugs and improvement tickets should be raised.


The Alfresco iOS SDK is distributed under the Apache 2 License.


The Alfresco iOS SDK uses the ISO8601DateFormatter by Peter Hosey.