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Alfresco Application Development Framework (ADF)

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See the Introduction page to get started with the Alfresco Application Development Framework.


Before you start using this development framework, make sure you have installed all required software and done all the necessary configuration. see the prerequisites section in creating your first ADF Application for full details.


You can find the sources for all ADF components in the lib folder.

Full documentation for all components is available at the ADF Component Catalog.

Demo Application

A separate application showcasing integration of components can be found here. The app has examples of basic interaction for both APS and ACS components.

Yeoman generators

To speed up the development of your ADF application, use the Yeoman Generator. This will create a full working project with all the right libraries and tools.

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Browser Support

All components are supported in the following browsers:

Browser Version
Chrome Latest
Safari (OS X) 9.x
Firefox* Latest
Edge 13, 14
Internet Explorer 11
  • Due to a known issue in Firefox, the Alfresco Upload Component does not currently support folder upload functionality on Firefox.

See the Browser Support article for more details.