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See the following page for an introduction to the Alfresco Application Development Framework.


Before you start using this development framework, make sure you have installed all required software and done all the necessary configuration, see this page.


To view the complete list of all the components that you can use to build your custom Alfresco (ECM,BPM) client follow this link: Components.

You can browse all the components at the following page.

Demo Application

A separate application showcasing integration of components can be found here.

You will find examples of basic interaction for both BPM and ECM sets of widgets.

Yeoman generators

To speed up the development of your Alfresco Angular 2 application, or Alfresco Angular 2 component, use one of the Yeoman generators.

These generators will create a full working project with all the right libraries and tools.

yeoman logo

Generate an Alfresco web component starter project

To generate your Alfresco Angular 2 component you can use the following Yeoman generator:

Generate an Alfresco web application starter project

To generate your Alfresco Angular 2 application you can use the following Yeoman generator:

Amazon AWS Elastic Beanstalk fast deploy

AmazonWebservices Logo.svg

To deploy directly on your AWS instance our demo shell click the button below:

Browser Support

All components are supported in the following browsers:

Browser Version
Chrome Latest
Safari (OS X) 9.x
Firefox* Latest
Edge 13, 14
Internet Explorer 11
  • Due to a known Firefox issue,the Alfresco Upload Component does not currently support folder upload functionality on Firefox

Please refer to Browser Support article for more details.