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Alfresco Transform Core

Build Status

Contains the common transformer (T-Engine) code, plus a few actual implementations.


  • alfresco-transformer-base - library packaged as a jar file which contains code that is common to all the transformers; see the sub-project's README
  • alfresco-docker-<name> - multiple T-Engines; each one of them builds both a SpringBoot fat jar and a Docker image

Building and testing

The project can be built by running the Maven command:

mvn clean install -Plocal,docker-it-setup

The local Maven profile builds local Docker images for each T-Engine.



The artifacts can be obtained by:

  • downloading from Alfresco repository
  • getting as Maven dependency by adding the dependency to your pom file:

and Alfresco Maven repository:



The core T-Engine images are available on Docker Hub:

Release Process

For a complete walk-through check out the build-and-release.MD under the docs folder.

Contributing guide

Please use this guide to make a contribution to the project.

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