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[css3,js] Page Loading
[css3,js] UnderDev
[css] new layout
[jq] acc slides
[jq] animate callback & delay
[jq] basic js libs
[jq] jNavigate
[js,php] Contact Page
[js] Basic Ajax
[js] Form Validation
[js] slide show old files
[php, js] slide show
[php,mysql] DataBase basic
[php,mysql] DataBase part 2
[php,mysql] DataBase part 3 (products list)
[php,mysql] DataBase part 4 insert
[php] dir file list
[php] file upload
[php] files
[php] get user country
[php] include design pattern
[wp] Wordpress CMS Theme
[wp] basic theme
[zp] Gallery


Web Programming 1 fundamental, tutorials files

If you fork this, remember to add a remote to this repo (upstream) for pull code change

Remember create a folder or branch for yourself to prevent conflict files by class

For any question goto issues tab and create new issues, add lable and submit

Please help each other to learn better by answer questions and describe about codes

If you want to use git with command-line like me, remember ali.md/help/git

If you do not have enough iq (over 65) and/or hate type command you need a graphical client for git like ali.md/smartgit

SmartGit is a graphical client for the Open Source version control systems Git, Mercurial and SVN. It runs on Windows, Mac OS X and Linux.

SmartGit helps Git and Mercurial beginners to get started quickly and lets advanced users become more productive with its efficient user interface.