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Apr 11, 2018

ThreatCrowd API v2 ThreatCrowd

The ThreatCrowd API allows you to quickly identify related infrastructure and malware.


With the ThreatCrowd API you can search for:

  • Domains
  • IP Addreses
  • E-mail adddresses
  • Filehashes
  • Antivirus detections


You can download a sample python application, a sample C# application and a sample javascript application.

API Requests

The request and response format is similiar to that of the VirusTotal API - this is to allow for code reuse. HTTP GET requests are used to return JSON objects, for example:

For example, the following python code:

import requests, json
result =  requests.get("", params = {"email": ""})
print result.text

j = json.loads(result.text)
print j['domains'][0]

Would print:



Results for entities will include a "votes" field, which will have one of the following values: -1 Most users have voted this malicious 0 An equal number of users have voted this malicious 1 Most users have voted this not malicious

You can submit votes via the interface, or a simple API:

A feed of malicious domains and IP addresses are available at


The previous version of the API ( is deprecated but the endpoint is still active. Maltego transforms ( are also available.

The Search API is designed to provide a simple way to identify threats, and those related to them. However - it isn't designed to provide detailed information. In particular it is no replacement for more detailed APIs such as VirusTotal, TotalHash and PassiveTotal.


Please limit all requests to no more than one request every ten seconds.

Brief bursts of requests that exceed this (eg; if you're using Maltego to enrich a large set of indicators) are ok so long as they don't significantly impact the performance of the server.

If you require faster acccess than this please drop me a line at and I can raise it - the broad principal is that faster access is fine, so long as it doesn't impact the performance for other users.

Further Libraries and Example Implementations

Terms and Conditions

I make no guarantees as to the availability or veracity of results. Additionally, all information is provided "as is" and I disclaim all warranties. All access to the server is logged.