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About Us

All In is a community dedicated to advancing diversity, equity, and inclusion within open source.


All In’s mission is to “open source diversity and inclusion” by bringing together corporate partners, industry leaders, researchers, and foundations to create more inclusive open source communities for current and future developers from underrepresented backgrounds and regions.

Founding Partners

  • Corporate: GitHub, Red Hat, Cisco, Fidelity, Microsoft, Intel
  • University: Shaw University, North Carolina Central University, Clark Atlanta University, Winston Salem State University, Saint Augustine’s University, Huston Tillotson University, University of North Carolina Pembroke
  • Organizations: CHAOSS Project, Linux Foundation, Major League Hacking, All Things Open Network


The All In community will collaborate and build on research and initiatives that already exist to create immersive, end-to-end approaches to advance diversity, equity, and inclusion in open source. Our goals will be aligned across four pillars: Access, Community, Equity, and Data.


All In for Students

All In for Students is an online program for tech students from underrepresented backgrounds that provides open source education, training, and internship opportunities.

Who is eligible to participate? Students enrolled full time or part time at a:

  • U.S. Historically Black College or University (HBCU)
  • U.S. Hispanic Serving Institution (HSI)
  • U.S. Women’s College
  • U.S. Community College
  • Any U.S. four-year institution and identify as a racial or ethnic minority

To learn more about the All In for Students program, check out our website. If you're interested in participating in the All In for Students Program, fill out this form.

All in for Maintainers

This program is an immersive program that provides inclusive development and training, and direct program management support to increase diversity within select communities through focused contributor acquisition and contributor retention efforts. Components of this program include training on unconscious bias that typically shows up in open source communities, accessibility audits, community hospitality, code of conduct analysis, and inclusive language scans and updates. The final program design will be designed with maintainers with insights from the Open Source DEI Survey, the Maintainers Listening Tour and the All In for Maintainers pilot.


Maintainers Listening Tour

The Maintainers Listening Tour is a series of focus groups and individual interviews with maintainers who are interested in attracting and retaining new contributors with diverse backgrounds in an inclusive way.

As a part of the 2021 Maintainers Listening Tour, we collected best practices, lessons learned, and stories that highlight:

  • What maintainers are doing to advance diversity, inclusion, and belonging within their communities;
  • What is working well;
  • What is not working well;
  • What challenges they are facing that may be prohibiting them from creating a culture of inclusion within their communities; and
  • What they would like to see in a program that is designed for them, All in for Maintainers.


All In will seek to leverage GitHub Sponsors which allows you to provide direct financial support to the maintainers and projects you love and the open source projects you depend on. We are developing a robust outreach campaign to increase the number of maintainers from underrepresented and/or historically excluded backgrounds and projects that serve under resourced communities. The campaign will also include increased funding to those projects as well.


All In will prioritize consistently gathering and analyzing data that will provide insight into the current state of diversity, equity, and inclusion within open source, challenges that need to be addressed and strengths that can be leveraged to take advantage of opportunities to create a more inclusive culture within our communities. We will make informed data-driven decisions, ensure we have short term metrics of success, and monitor longitudinal data to measure long term impact.

Our first initiative was to create the 2021 Open Source Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Survey and partner with the Linux Foundation to survey across the open source ecosystem. View the final report here. We are now collaborating with corporate partners to research inequities in computer science and other technical education programs.

Contact Us

If you are having difficulty accessing any of the above links, please contact for further information on how you can submit your feedback to our team.


"Open sourcing Diversity and Inclusion."






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