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A sample app using the Cordova plugin for AllJoyn.

This application implements simple lighting control.

To Run

$ git clone
$ cd cordova-lighting-alljoyn
$ cordova plugin add org.allseen.alljoyn
$ cordova platform add <ios | windows | android>
$ cordova run <ios | windows | android>

Building and Running on Windows

For Windows compilation, a pre-release copy of Cordova libraries is required until the 4.2.1 Cordova release.

This is related to the following bug, for which a fix is already tested and coming very soon.

This is how you install Cordova from source, using npm:

// Clone the right version of cordova-lib and cordova-cli
$ git clone && git -C cordova-lib checkout CB-8123-final
$ git clone && git -C cordova-cli checkout 4.2.0
$ cd cordova-lib/cordova-lib
$ npm install -g && npm link
$ cd ../../cordova-cli && npm link cordova-lib && npm install -g

Next, you can build and run this app using Cordova.

// To run on Windows Phone 8.1 emulator
$ cordova run windows --emulator --archs="x86" -- -phone
// Running on Windows Phone 8.1 device
$ cordova run windows --device --archs="arm" -- -phone
// To run on desktop (current default is Windows 8.1 build)
$ cordova run windows --device --archs="x64" -- -win


For the app to work, you need to have an AllJoyn router running in the same network. Windows 10 preview includes a windows service you can enable to act as an AllJoyn router. Another option is to download and run the binary from alljoyn-14.06.00a-win7x64vs2012-sdk-dbg/cpp/bin/samples/chat.exe on the network

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