Continuation of's Antu icon theme. Originally for KDE, Antu-Heritage extends support to GTK desktops and new apps.
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Antu GTK

Antu icons GTK

Continuation of @franksouza183's Antu icon theme, which was taken offline for some reason. Originally for KDE, Antu Heritage extends support to Gtk desktops and new apps. A lot of the icons are just symlinked to their KDE counterparts. The missing ones are on TODO (feel free to open Issues with requests for your missing apps).

Thanks to @franksouza183 for original work on Antu icons and @jcqSCH for sharing them afterwards!

As a user of dark UIs, I'm currently working only on AntuDark variant. The others are kept as they were, for future work.


  1. clone or download ZIP of this repo
  2. copy folders to either ~/.icons/ (for your user only) or to /usr/share/icons/ (for all users)

Contribution guidelines

Currently working on Gnome/XFCE icons, feel free to co-op on other GTK desktops!

  1. fork the repo
  2. add/update icons
  3. commit and push changes
  4. submit pull request


Hit me at @AllienWorks or 0x98ec204d

Like the work? Support me and donate (crypto preferred!)


  • avahi
  • characters
  • cheese
  • clocks
  • dconf editor
  • discord
  • document viewer
  • exodus
  • gthumb
  • hp device manager
  • kvantum manager
  • ledger live
  • lshw
  • maps
  • onlyoffice
  • passwords & keys
  • settings
  • simplescan
  • standard-notes
  • synology drive
  • system log
  • todo
  • uget
  • weather