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A Language Server for Lua code, written in Lua.

It's still a work in progress, but it's usable for day-to-day. It currently supports:

  • Limited autocompletion
  • Goto definition
  • As you type linting and syntax checking
  • Code formatting
  • Supports Lua 5.1-5.3 and Luajit


lua-lsp can be installed using luarocks:

$ luarocks install --server=http://luarocks.org/dev lua-lsp

This will install the lua-lsp command. Language clients can then communicate with this process using stdio as a transport. See editors.md for more instructions specific to your editor of choice.


lua-lsp automatically integrates with common lua packages, when they are installed. For linting, install luacheck:

$ luarocks install luacheck

For code formatting, we currently support Formatter and LCF. Formatter is 5.1 only, whereas lcf is 5.3 only. 5.1:

$ luarocks-5.1 install Formatter
$ luarocks-5.3 install lcf

If you have another package you'd like to see integrated, feel free to leave an issue/PR. Other plugins are always welcome, especially if they provide materially different results.


lua-lsp reads a few project-level configuration files to do its work.

To configure linting, we read your standard .luacheckrc file.

For autocomplete support, we reimplement the .luacompleterc format created by atom-autocomplete-lua. In particular, we need luaVersion to properly understand your code.

More LSP-specific configuration flags will hopefully be provided through your editor's configuration support.


The LSP spec is big, and we don't implement all of it. here's a quick wishlist ordered by roughly by priority/feasibility.

  • List references (textDocument/references)
  • Find symbols (workspace/symbol)
  • Function signature help (textDocument/signatureHelp)
  • Code links (textDocument/documentLink)
  • File events (workspace/didChangeWatchedFiles)