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Cross-platform network framework library for real-time and critical-mission server
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libSolomon - version 4.0 - SSL/TLS connection support

Cross-platform network framework library to implement client/server or peer-to-peer architectures.

Add astonishing and professional functionalities to your mobile/desktop applications easily. Just create your own logical protocol and objects and you are ready with your software! Thanks to its nature, you can have real-time, critical-mission server/client like: chat server, notification systems, multicast, betting or financial systems, every kind of applications like Evernote, whatsapp, distribuited games and so on...

--- Binaries are distributed for FREE and without any LIMITATION ---

Supported systems:

  • client: Windows, Linux, MacOSX, Raspberry, Android, iOS, WinRT, Blackberry10 (legacy lib without TLS support)
  • server: GNU/Linux, Raspberry 2

It provides a professional server with advanced features like:

  • Able to serve UDP and TCP requests in parallel within one instance
  • Low-memory footprint and optimized usage of memory
  • Real-time requests' elaboration using parallel thread pools and queues
  • High availability and reactivity using event-driven pattern.
  • High security and stability provided by decoupling the engine core from customized protocol-related executions using a full modular pattern implementation.
  • Advanced garbage collector with a minimal impact on the server load
  • Notification-driven pattern to interact with requests and get actions
  • Integrity checks performed on requests avoiding useless cpu-time and memory consumption
  • Memory-slot support to reduce I/O from a storage available for both UDP and TCP
  • File Upload capability
  • (NEW) Enable/Disable TLS support for server/client nodes
  • Support for temporary or permanent connections
  • Support for hot-load plugins (add/replace/remove commands) without restarting a server
  • Cluster support communication over UDP
  • A full open-source plug-in to load default settings at start-up (the provided one implements mysql support and xml-based settings)

It provides a professional embedded server (on client side) with these features:

  • Embedded server on TCP protocol
  • Able to send UDP and TCP requests
  • Asynchronous and synchronous requests
  • File upload capability

Examples of working client/server Solomon-enabled application:
Mobile Softair (Android, iPhone, Nokia n9, Symbian ^3, Blackberry):
Mobile Android shake and chat:

Qt tic-tac-toe modified for online game (available source-code for both client and server):
win7 64bit:

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