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A simple GTK+ frontend for LGOGDownloader to enable support for the convenient gogdownloader:// URIs that offers.


  • Minimal but featureful queueing GUI designed for comfort and convenience

    main window screenshot
  • Built-in terminal for lgogdownloader status without making your window manager sweat.

    terminal tab screenshot
  • Anything not configurable via the GUI will obey lgogdownloader's config.cfg.

    language = 1
    limit-rate = 300
    no-targz = true
    retries = 3
    save-serials = true
  • Remembers your preferred destination directory

    "Save Into" screenshot
  • Support for selecting Linux downloads despite the site not offering gogdownloader:// URIs for them

    linux selection screenshot
  • Libnotify notification when all downloads are complete.

    [notification screenshot
  • Add, reorder, and delete remaining queue entries while a download is in progress. (Including changing the target directory for future downloads)

    tabs screenshot


Just run sh and follow the instructions. (Depending on your desktop environment, you may also be able to just double-click

(Running directly cannot install non-PyPI dependencies like PyGTK and also will not register the application as your default handler for gogdownloader:// URIs.)

The installation process has been fully automated for users on Debian-based distros (eg. Ubuntu, Mint) while users on other distros will be asked to manually install a list of dependencies.

At present, only system-wide installation is supported but feel free to examine what the script is doing before you run it.




sudo pip uninstall lgogd_uri

Known Shortcomings

  • Providing the option to download Linux versions via the Windows or MacOS gogdownloader:// URLs has resulted in the language-selection drop-down being ignored in favour of the language option in lgogdownloader's config.cfg
  • Multi-selection doesn't get along with GtkTreeView's built-in drag-and-drop reordering.
  • Remembering un-finished downloads across a restart is still on the TODO list.
  • Currently, no attempt is made to retrieve game metadata, so the "Game" and "File ID" columns don't give the nice, pretty output the official GOG downloader offers and the platform checkboxes will always start out set to the value of platform in your config.cfg.
  • No attempt is currently made to deduplicate the queue, relying instead on LGOGDownloader to not redownload files which already exist.
  • Fixup support for --download-file currently only resolves %gamename%


MIT except for three easy-to-replace platform logo icons copied from the site theme.

  • windows.png
  • linux.png
  • mac.png