Presentation notes and links for my talk on SVG for responsive web sites at RWD summit 2015
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Presentation notes for my talk on SVG for responsive web sites at RWD Summit 2015 on 12 March 2015. View the slides.

The examples are collected together on CodePen. The examples are MIT licenced; feel free to fork & play; just don't pass it off as your own original work.

The content of the notes are all rights reserved. Feel free to quote, but don't incorporate it wholesale into other projects. The sample SVG is an adaptation of the W3C's official SVG logo; it is licenced CC-BY-NC-SA 2.5 so give credit, don't sell it, and if you adapt it then re-share it.

I plan to adapt the slide layout HTML/CSS/JS into a separate utility that I'll release as its own repo. If you want to do something with them before I get around to doing that, just send me a note.