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This is the repo for "Data Science in the tidyverse" given at rstudio::conf(2019) in Jan 2019.


This is a two-day hands on workshop based on the book R for Data Science. You will learn how to visualize, transform, and model data in R and work with date-times, character strings, and untidy data formats. Along the way, you will learn and use many packages from the tidyverse including ggplot2, dplyr, tidyr, readr, purrr, tibble, stringr, lubridate, and forcats.

Software Requirements

You'll be using RStudio Cloud, so (all going well) on the day of the workshop all you'll need is a laptop that can access the internet (wifi will be available).

In the unlikely event that there are problems with the conference internet connection, you may want to have a local installation on your computer as a backup. If you'd like, install the following:

  1. A recent version of R (~3.5.2), which is available for free at

  2. A recent version of RStudio IDE (~1.1.463), available for free at

  3. The set of relevant R packages, which you can install by connecting to the internet, opening RStudio, and running:

    install.packages(c("babynames", "fivethirtyeight", "formatR", "gapminder", "hexbin", "mgcv", "maps", "mapproj", "nycflights13", "rmarkdown", "skimr", "tidyverse", "viridis"))

Don't forget to bring your power cord!

Instructor Info

Amelia McNamara


Creative Commons License

Data Science in the tidyverse by Amelia McNamara is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License. Based on a work at,, and


Materials for Data Science in the Tidyverse, a two-day workshop @ rstudio:conf(2019)






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