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Project nestor builds a modular enterprise application server based on OSGI and Declarative Services.

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Development environment is based on Eclipse+BndTools.

Main nestor components are:

  • a generic, configurable object pool
  • a jdbc database connection pool, configurable with OSGI Config Admin and using an OSGi DataSourceFactory.
  • a transaction manager implementation
  • a transactional jdbc database connection pool.
  • a whiteboard for JAX-RS applications using Jersey and Jackson
  • a whiteboard for SOAP web services using the JAX-WS implementation included in Java SE.

This repo contains the following Bundles (BndTools projects)

  • cnf: BndTools bundle repository
  • com.amplifino.counters: thread safe counters
  • com.amplifino.nestor.associations: lazy references to map rdbms foreign keys.
  • com.amplifino.nestor.bndrun.template: template for bndrun files containing essential bundles for interactive testing.
  • sample rest whiteboard application showing graphical view of bundle wiring
  • java interface to external GraphViz dot program
  • com.amplifino.nestor.jaxrs: OSGI RFC217 rest whiteboard using Jersey
  • com.amplifino.nestor.jdbc.api: fluent api on top of JDBC
  • com.amplifino.nestor.jdbc.pools: JDBC connection pool using OSGI JDBC service (DataSourceFactory)
  • com.amplifino.nestor.logging: logging bridge from java.util.logging to OSGI Log Service
  • com.amplifino.nestor.logging.test: test bundle for com.amplifino.nestor.logging
  • com.amplifino.nestor.rdbms.schema: database schema
  • com.amplifino.nestor.rdbms.schema.test: database schema test bundle
  • rest whiteboard using Jersey and Jackson
  • servlet filter using OSGI useradmin service
  • com.amplifino.nestor.soap: soap whiteboard using JAX-WS Reference Implementation included in Java 8
  • com.amplifino.nestor.soap.sample: extremely simple sample webservice for testing soap whiteboard
  • com.amplifino.nestor.soap.test: soap whiteboard test bundle
  • com.amplifino.nestor.transaction: safe transaction API on top of javax.transaction.UserTransaction
  • com.amplifino.nestor.transaction.control: OSGI RFC221 transaction control implementation
  • com.amplifino.nestor.transaction.control.jdbc: OSGI RFC221 transaction control jdbc specifics implementation
  • com.amplifino.nestor.transaction.control.jdbc.test: test bundle fro com.amplifino.nestor.transaction.control.jdbc
  • com.amplifino.nestor.transaction.datasources: JTA Transactional JDBC connection pool
  • com.amplifino.nestor.transaction.provider: implementation of OSGI JTA Transaction Service
  • com.amplifino.nestor.transaction.spi: TransactionLog implementation for use in com.amplifino.nestor.transaction.provider
  • com.amplifino.nestor.transaction.test: transaction test bundle
  • com.amplifino.nestor.useradmin: implementation of OSGI UserAdmin Service with pluggable persistence provider
  • rest interface on OSGI UserAdmin Service with sample UI using Angular.js
  • com.amplifino.nestor.useradmin.spi.obelix: persistence provider for nestor.useradmin using Obelix project
  • com.amplifino.nestor.useradmin.spi.rdbms: persistence provider for nestor.useradmin using a relational database
  • com.amplifino.nestor.useradmin.test: test bundle for nestor.useradmin
  • secures webconsole password with PBKDF2 hash
  • com.amplifino.pools: generic object pool

Internal Bundle dependencies: ( dotted line means either bundle can be replaced with alternative implementation of the whiteboard or standard specification).


OSGI Declarative Service components to build a lightweight enterprise application server




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