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= Adventureum =

The world's first text-based, crowd-sourced, decentralised choose-your-own adventure game.

Every situation and choice in this game has been defined by other players, and all this is stored on the Ethereum mainnet.

Play the game here:

Playing the game

You'll be presented with situations, for each situation you'll be given one or more choices with what you want to do in that situation, and you just need to click on whichever option seems like a good idea.

Adding to the story

If you reach a point in the story that nobody has written yet, you'll be given the opportunity to write your own situation. You can add as many choices as you want to the situation.

If you want to create a game-over situation, then just don't add any choices.

For the devs

Contract Address: 0x77b4acc38da51a0e77c77355cfd28c1a6619f6ba

Also wrote an article explaining some of the contract code.


Decentralised, crowd-sourced choose-your-own adventure.



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