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Climate Sextant 🔭🌦🌫🌈

Climate Sextant is a multi sensorial immersive VR experience to explore air pollution in Lugano, Switzerland. Born as an experiment around the possibilities of data visualization in Virtual Reality, the project propose to the user an “empty space” where data is represented only by colors and sounds.

Take your VR headset and try it at !

Game climate sextan

The Idea 💡

Climate Sextant shows the monthly concentration of PM10 in the Lugano area, in the 2016, correlated to the precipitation level and the temperature. The darker the sky, the higher concentration of PM10 in the air. The higher the sound of the rain, more intense is the precipitation. A specific sound identify each season, to help the user to navigate the space. By exploring the immersive environment, the person is enabled to understand the direct correlation among the data.

Credits 🏆

Climate Sextant is a project made by Mirko Balducci and Andrea Taverna during the workshop Adventures in Data Visualization 2017, SUPSI, Lugano, CH.

mbalducci [at] nefula [dot] com

sig [dot] taverna [at] gmail [dot] com

Tutors: Fabio Franchino, Greta Castellana.

Game climate sextan VR

Game climate sextan VR

Tools & Resources 🛠



Data 📈

  • PM10 montly concentration
  • Rain precipitation
  • Temperature

Datasets thanks to