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Titanium native ImageView module that extends the default Titanium ImageView with more capabilities and a different caching system.
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Currently Titanium.UI.ImageView doesn't support the contentMode property so your rendered image will everytime fit your ImageView. This module allows you to specify which behavior your ImageView must have and adds some extra features to improve the user experience. The module currently supports the following APIs:

  • Content Mode
  • Broken link image fallback
  • Loading image placeholder
  • Custom HTTP header, useful if the images are protected
  • WebP support
  • GIF support
  • Automatic circle transformation (Android only)

Any PR will be really appreciated!

Get it

You can install it directly via gittio using

$ gittio install av.imageview

or manually by cloning this repository or directly by downloading the latest packaged module version here.

Now, follow these steps to install the packaged version of this module into your application.


You can easily use this module via Alloy or in a classic way.


Here is how you can use the extended-imageview directly in alloy:

            <View class="container">
                <ImageView module="av.imageview" />

and inside the related TSS you can do

    "ImageView": {
        width: 100,
        height: 100,
        image: "",

ListView ItemTemplate

To include this module in a ListItemTemplate, you have to do:

    <ImageView ns="AvImageview" />

where AvImageview is a variable declared in alloy.js like this:

    var AvImageview = require("av.imageview");

    //and to use contentmodes constants via alloy

    //If you need to access to protected images you can define which request header fields the module has to use for every request
    Alloy.Globals.REQUEST_HEADERS = {
        'Authorization': 'place or assign dinamically your logged user access token',
        'Another HTTP header field': 'with its value'

A complete example can be:

    <ListView id="Images" defaultItemTemplate="template">
            <ItemTemplate name="template" height="160">
                <ImageView ns="AvImageview" bindId="photo" height="160" width="Ti.UI.FILL" loadingIndicator="true" contentMode="Alloy.Globals.CONTENT_MODE_FILL" requestHeader="Alloy.Globals.REQUEST_HEADERS" />
            <ListItem template="template" photo:image=""></ListItem>
            <ListItem template="template" photo:image=""></ListItem>
            <ListItem template="template" photo:image=""></ListItem>
            <ListItem template="template" photo:image=""></ListItem>
            <ListItem template="template" photo:image=""></ListItem>


You can instantiate an extended-imageview in this way:

        width: 100,
        height: 100,
        image: "",
        requestHeader: {
            'Authorization': 'Bearer your_access_token_here'


All Titanium.UI.View properties and methods are supported.

About the enabled contentMode, you can learn more about this here.

Extra properties

Property Description Note
contentMode Set the ImageView content mode Supported content modes are listed in a next section.
defaultImage Local image to display when the image download is in progress
brokenLinkImage Local image to display when the given link doesn't work or the image doesn't exists
loadingIndicator Enable or disable the activity indicator when the download is in progress true by default
loadingIndicatorColor change the loading indicator color
requestHeader An object used to define extra http request header fields
timeout Set timeout for requests, in milliseconds
handleCookies Enable cookie handling for remote images
enableMemoryCache Enable or disable the memory cache mechanism true by default and Android only, for iOS have a look to module properties here
rounded Enable or disable the circle transformation that automatically render the image as a perfect circle Android only
dontAnimate Disable the fadeIn Android only

Extra methods

Method Description Note
setContentMode Set the contentMode property
setLoadingIndicator Set the loadingIndicator property
setLoadingIndicatorColor Set the loadingIndicatorColor property
setDefaultImage Set the defaultImage property
setBrokenLinkImage Set the brokenLinkImage property
setClipsToBound Set the clipToBounds property iOS only
setRequestHeader Set the requestHeader property
setRounded Set the rounded property Android only
setTimeout Set timeout for requests, in milliseconds
setSignature Add a signature to the cache string Android only
getContentMode Get the value of contentMode property
getLoadingIndicator Get the value of loadingIndicator property
getLoadingIndicatorColor Get the value of loadingIndicatorColor property
getDefaultImage Get the value of defaultImage property
getBrokenLinkImage Get the value of brokenLinkImage property
getClipsToBound Get the value of clipToBounds property iOS only
getRequestHeader Get the requestHeader property
getRounded Get the rounded property Android only
getTimeout Get current timeout of requests, in milliseconds


Event Description
load Fired when the current image was successfully downloaded
error Fired when the image was not fetched

Supported Content Modes

Here is a list of supported content modes:

Android and iOS


iOS only


Global properties (iOS only)

Property Description Note
shouldCacheImagesInMemory Specify if memory will be used to cache images true by default
shouldDecompressImages Specify if image decompression must be enabled or not true by default
maxCacheAge The maximum length of time to keep an image in the cache, in seconds int
maxCacheSize The maximum size of the cache, in bytes int


If you enjoy this module, feel free to contribute with your PR or donate :-)


Anyone who contributes to the module enhancement!

@rs for the amazing SDWebImage library. Currently lib version used: 4.1.0.

@bumptech for the amazing Glide library. Currently lib version used: 3.8.0.

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