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ipLocator - a basic Geo-Ip Server
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Build Status

ipLocator - a fast basic Geo-Ip Server made with Go

(v. 01/07/2015 Meets 2015 database format. See comments in code for options.)



(1) pure go key/value store boltdb (

go get

(2) bloomfilter

go get



Configure ipLocator with command line options (default values shown)

-download_DB=false: Reload database from and Restore database from GeoLite-Data

-ip="": enter a csv-list of IP

-json=false: return JSON

-new_DB=false: Restore database from GeoLite-Data

-server=false: run server at localhost:9000



go run ipLocator.go -download_DB=true -server=true
  1. downloads the GeoLite2 - CSV .zip database folder
  2. unzips it
  3. loads csv-data into programs database ./iplocs.bdb (~ 500 MB)
  4. starts server at localhost:9000 (--> const ServerAddr within ipLocator.go)


As of 2014-08-17 a demo server is running at

As of 2014-08-17 a demo server is running at

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