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A Trac Integration for Teamcity
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Trac Plugin for Teamcity


This project creates a TeamCity Plugin to communicate with Trac issue tracker.
Tested on 8.1.4 and 9.0.1


If you just need the zip to activate the plugin take this zip: target/


To install the plugin login with administrator account and select
Administration->Plugin List
and click
Upload plugin zip.
The server will tell you that the plugin gets uploaded to \plugins. After the plugin is uploaded you have to restart the server.
(Check the Documentation for manually installing the plugin)


When you add a new issue tracker connection you have to select trac as the connection type.
The server url must be the url of the trac project (for example
The issue ID Pattern is a Regular expression (like this TEST-(\d+))
That would find a commit message TEST-1 and link it to


You'll need JDK and Maven installed and the corresponding environment settings (JAVA_HOME=<JDK Location> and MAVEN_HOME="MAVEN Location')

Running mvn clean package will automatically download all dependencies and will create the zip file in the target folder


You can import the project folder into Eclipse.
For easy testing I added a Testclass (schaek.teamcity.trac.TracIssueFetcherTest) so hat you can actually play a little in your own Teamcity/Trac environment. Only uncomment the testng annotations and fill in your data into the private variables


The plugin reads the html text for a specific issue with an InputStream and then parses the text with regular expressions.


  1. It's important, that the name of the plugin in teamcity-plugin.xml equals the type used in TracIssueProvider and TracIssueProviderFactory. Otherwise Teamcity doesn't render an input form
  2. In Teamcity 8.x AbstractIssueProviderFactory has a two parameter constructor (IssueFetcher fetcher, String type).
    In Teamcity 9.x this constructor is deprecated and you should use the 3 parameter constructor (IssueFetcher fetcher, String type, String displayName)
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