The Global Pollen Project is a web application for the digitisation of pollen reference material, and the crowdsourced identification of unknown pollen grains.
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Key Words: Pollen; Palynology; Reference-Collection; Digitisation; Dissemination; Crowdsourcing

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The Global Pollen Project is a web-based tool to enable:

  1. crowdsourcing of pollen identification using images; and

  2. digitisation of existing pollen reference material.

The ideas behind the tool, and the development of the initial 1.0 release, are discussed in detail in the following publication:

Martin A.C., and Harvey, W. J. (2017). The Global Pollen Project: A New Tool for Pollen Identification and the Dissemination of Physical Reference Collections. Methods in Ecology and Evolution. Accepted


There are a couple of dependencies to setup once you have cloned the repository.

  1. To setup styles, navigate to src/GlobalPollenProject.Web and run npm install. You can then call node_modules/.bin/webpack to compile the SCSS styles.
  2. Run bower install in the src/GlobalPollenProject.Web folder to install front-end dependencies.
  3. Spin up a local Redis and an EventStore for the read and write models. You can do this simply using docker, by running docker-compose up -d in the src/GlobalPollenProject.Web folder.