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This plugin is meant to simplify a task I've found too common in my workflow: switching between a single-line statement and a multi-line one. It offers the following default keybindings, which can be customized:

  • gS to split a one-liner into multiple lines
  • gJ (with the cursor on the first line of a block) to join a block into a single-line statement.


I usually work with ruby and a lot of expressions can be written very concisely on a single line. A good example is the "if" statement:

puts "foo" if bar?

This is a great feature of the language, but when you need to add more statements to the body of the "if", you need to rewrite it:

if bar?
  puts "foo"
  puts "baz"

The idea of this plugin is to introduce a single key binding (default: gS) for transforming a line like this:

<div id="foo">bar</div>

Into this:

<div id="foo">

And another binding (default: gJ) for the opposite transformation.

This currently works for various constructs in the following languages:

  • C
  • CSS
  • Coffeescript
  • Elixir
  • Elm
  • Eruby
  • Go
  • HAML
  • HTML (and HTML-like markup)
  • Handlebars
  • Javascript (within JSX, TSX, Vue.js templates as well)
  • JSON
  • Lua
  • PHP
  • Perl
  • Python
  • Ruby
  • Rust
  • SCSS and Less
  • Shell (sh, bash, zsh)
  • Tex
  • Vimscript
  • YAML

For more information, including examples for all of those languages, try :help splitjoin, or take a look at the full help file online at doc/splitjoin.txt


The easiest way to install the plugin is with a plugin manager:

If you use one, just follow the instructions in its documentation.

You can install the plugin yourself using Vim's "packages" functionality by cloning the project (or adding it as a submodule) under ~/.vim/pack/<any-name>/start/. For example:

git clone ~/.vim/pack/_/start/splitjoin

This should automatically load the plugin for you on Vim start. Alternatively, you can add it to ~/.vim/pack/<any-name>/opt/ instead and load it in your .vimrc manually with:

packadd splitjoin

If you'd rather not use git, you can download the files from the "releases" tab and unzip them in the relevant directory:


If you'd like to hack on the plugin, please see first.


Any issues and suggestions are very welcome on the github bugtracker.