TinyIDE an alternative minimalist IDE Plugin for LiveCode
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More details, user instructions https://2108.co.uk/tinyide/

TinyIDE a Free alternative minimalist IDE Plugin for LiveCode.

TinyIDE gives you more space to develop your ideas

Cross platform, Windows, Mac, Linux. For LC V8 onwards.

TinyIDE is an effort to provide an alternative LiveCode IDE which uses a minimum amount of screen space without compromising on usability or efficiency.

I started this project as a result of frustration caused by constantly having to open/close the LC Tools palette and having to move other LC palettes/windows so that I could work comfortably on my laptop.

Apart from keeping the TinyIDE footprint as small as possible it was essential that the TinyIDE plugin was non-destructive to the standard LC IDE.

No standard LC IDE files are changed when using TinyIDE.

Menu items, Classic Controls, Widgets and Graphics items are copied at the launch of the TinyIDE plugin, so it should keep up to date as new widgets or LC Menu items are added to the standard LC IDE.

The primary reason I am able to keep the TinyIDE footprint small is that the Tools palette is now contained in a horizontal scroller within the TinyIDE.

Converted to Gui and scriptonly behaviors by bwmilby, thank you.


Download https://github.com/AndyPiddock/TinyIDE/archive/master.zip and extract to your working plugins directory and launch from the Development/Plugins menu of the standard LC IDE … done. Tip> use the Plugins Settings to start TinyIDE when LiveCode starts up.