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An example Angular CLI app with storybook 4.0.0-alpha.7 and plugins configured and ready to be used.

To start storybook npm run storybook.

Roadmap for Plugins

  • a11y - Test components for user accessibility in Storybook
  • actions - Log actions as users interact with components in the Storybook UI
  • background - Let users choose backgrounds in the Storybook UI
  • centered - Center the alignment of your components within the Storybook UI
  • events - Interactively fire events to components that respond to EventEmitter
  • graphql - Query a GraphQL server within Storybook stories
  • info - Annotate stories with extra component usage information
  • jest - View the results of components' unit tests in Storybook
  • knobs - Interactively edit component prop data in the Storybook UI
  • links - Create links between stories
  • notes - Annotate Storybook stories with notes
  • options - Customize the Storybook UI in code
  • storyshots - Easy snapshot testing for components in Storybook
  • storysource - View the code of your stories within the Storybook UI
  • viewport - Change display sizes and layouts for responsive components using Storybook
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