Repository with addons for PHP-Fusion 7. Created by Rush @ AnnetLab
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AL Blog
AL Calendar
AL Catalog
AL Content Panel/infusions/al_content_panel
AL GenMem
AL Groups
AL ImageHosting
AL News Panel/infusions/al_news_panel
AL RSS/infusions/al_rss
AL Register Mod
AL Rent Calendar
AL Stats
AL Streams
AL Tourney
AL jQ Comments/includes
AL jQ Gallery
AL uLogin

AL PHP-Fusion Addons

Repository with addons for PHP-Fusion 7. Created by Rush @ AnnetLab

List of addons:

  1. AL Content Panel - show last content of your pf site at one panel, configurable in admin
  2. AL GenMem - online ajax mem/dem generator
  3. AL Groups - allow user to create groups, aceps another user's request to enter a group, publish news, ratings.
  4. AL ImageHosting - simple configurable image hosting
  5. AL News Panel - infusion, that allow you to add a center panel on site, configurable in admin and css
  6. AL RSS - rss channels for all your news categories (access /infusions/al_rss/rss.php?cat_id=x)
  7. AL Register Mod - mod, that allow you to modify your register page: make it in several steps and add custom fields (selects, textareas, etc)
  8. AL Stats - stats for your team, clan, etc
  9. AL Streams - streams catalog with ajax loading, supports justin/twitch,,, do not work as i remember :\
  10. AL Tourney - simple tourney system for your site with bracket, registration, confirmation, etc (pro in this, if need - mail me)
  11. AL uLogin - openid registration for pf via
  12. AL Blog - simple blog system with cats, user field and admin approving
  13. AL Calendar - Events calendar
  14. AL Catalog - Simple catalog
  15. AL Rent Calendar - rent reservation based on photogalleries


My surviving developments. Use at your own risk. The efficiency of these particular versions are not guaranteed :\


Distributed under the MIT license