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AntSword is a cross-platform website management toolkit.
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AntSword release

AntSword in your hands, no worries in your mind!

AntSword is an open source, cross-platform website administration tool, being designed to meet the needs of penetration testers together with security researchers with permissions and/or authorizations as well as webmasters.

Anyone shall not use it for illegal purposes and profitability. Besides that, publishing unauthorized modified version is also prohibited, or otherwise bear legal responsibilities.

This software, of which the development thought is modularization, is intended to provide easy-to-understand codes and modification guidelines for users of different levels. Therefore, any contribution making by everyone to this project is encouraged, whether large or small. By doing so, this tool can be more convenient and consequently become your most powerful kit!

中文说明 / Document / Changelog

Development stack

  • And other libraries called in the project.


More Screenshots

Quick Start

See document: Quick Start


See document: Make contributions to AntSword


Thanks to anyone who made any contributions.



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