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Antenna House PDF5 Plugin

PDF5 is the plug-in for [DITA Open Toolkit] 3. It converts [DITA] 5 document into [XSL-FO] 6 and generates PDF file.
This plug-in works with DITA Open Toolkit 1.6.3 or later and uses [Antenna House Formatter] 4 for generating PDF file.


  • Root Files
  • com.antennahouse.pdf5 Folder
  • index-data Folder
  • Notices Folder
  • Revision

Root files

  • README.md
    This file.

  • pdf5_manual.pdf
    Plug-in user's manual. To use plug-in read this first.

  • ahf-setting.xml
    Antenna House Formatter sample setting file.

  • run_en.bat, run_ja.bat
    Sample batch file to generate PDF from sample data with DITA-OT.

com.antennahouse.pdf5 folder

This folder contains PDF5 plug-in files and folders. To install this plug-in, refer to pdf5_manual.pdf.

jp.acme-corporation.pdf folder

This folder contains sample plug-in that overrides PDF5 plug-in for your own customization.

index-data folder

This folder contains DITA sample files. The sample files covers en, ja languages.

notices folder

The notices folder contains license files related to this plug-in.

test-result folder

This folder contains PDF files made from test data using DITA Open Toolkit.


Copyright (C) 2009-2015 Antenna House, Inc. All rights reserved.
Antenna House is a trademark of [Antenna House, Inc.] 2


This software is licenced under the [Apache License, Version 2.0] 1.

Important Notification

Because the successor [PDF-ML] 7 has been released, we will stop development of this plug-in at the end of January, 2016. If you have any development request for this plug-in please mail to [Antenna House Information] 8. We will supply development for a fee.