A single file multithread portscanner in python
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A single file multithread port scanner with service detection in python

Usage: InsightScan.py <hosts[/24|/CIDR]> [start port] [end port] -t threads

Example: InsightScan.py 1 1024 -t 20

Options: -h, --help show this help message and exit

-t NUM, --threads=NUM Maximum threads, default 50

-T TIMEOUT, --timeout=TIMEOUT Scan timeout, per thread

-n NETWORK, --network=NETWORK Quick Network discovery, find reachable networks. Local IP range only. A= B= C= Example: -n B will try Class B addresses

-H HOSTNAME, --findhost=HOSTNAME Help you find which IP address is running a particular virtual host. Example: -H example.com

-p PORTS, --portlist=PORTS Customize port list, separate with ',' example: 21,22,23,25 ...

-N, --noping Skip ping sweep, port scan whether targets are alive or not

-P, --pingonly Ping scan only,disable port scan

-S, --service Service detection, using banner and signature

-d, --downpage Detects interesting stuff on HTTP ports(80,80,8080), when used with -S , will try all ports with HTTP service. Grab and save to HTML pages if found anything.

-l, --genlist Output a list, ordered by port number(service, with -S option),for THC-Hydra IP list

-L, --genfile Put the IP list in separate files named by port number(service, with -S option). Implies -l option. Example: IPs with port 445 opened will be put into 445.txt